Forget about flatulence with Shreddies, a high-tech underwear

Forget about flatulence with Shreddies, a high-tech underwear

While many may think that broken equipment, pesky snowboarders, and crash landings are the biggest problems for skiers, in reality, it’s something far worse. Our snow pants act as a magnet, trapping and collecting the wind that is inevitably broken during a day on the hill, and storing it deep within its fabric. The result? When the day is over, and you remove your pants, the collected aroma is released into the outside world, becoming a hazard for anyone within a 10 to 20 foot radius.

Fortunately, there is a solution thanks to Paul O’Leary. O’Leary has invented the Shreddies, underwear that prevents the smell of farts from entering the atmosphere. According to the article from Co.Exist, the underwear, “uses a layer of activated carbon cloth to mask odors. The porous nature of the carbon traps the smell, leaving nothing but roses for the rest of the world.” The underwear costs $30 for women and $45 for men. For more information on how you can suppress your stink, read the rest of the article.

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A diagram of just how the Shreddies cut out the odor of your farts



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