XSI Action Sports Insurance Hits The Scene

XSI Action Sports Insurance Hits The Scene

While the health care debate rages on in Washington, someone in the action sports industry is being proactive about providing health coverage for weekend warriors and pro athletes alike. Xtreme Sports Insurance provides affordable sports accident insurance coverage starting at around $20 a month and premium plans at around $67, totally covering you in the event of a blown ACL or other accident while engaged in action sports.

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XSI is here to help relieve the financial and mental stress of being injured. “It’s a big setback and inconvenience that not only keeps you off the hill when you have an injury, but it’s financially stressful,” says Robert Scott, founder and owner of XSI. “Most people think about insurance at some point when they’re pushing their physical limits, but a lot of people don’t know where to get insurance for these kind of sports. XSI makes it easy for anyone to buy reliable and affordable insurance when participating in action or extreme sports.” With the 2009-2010 winter season approaching, action sports participants can register for XSI plans and be covered with accident insurance just in time for snow.

Not a replacement for complete and overarching health coverage, XSI is here to fill a void that many health care providers shy away from, sport injury coverage. This accident insurance is a long awaited service for professional athletes who depend on good health to do their job. individual accident plans can help subsidize the out-of-pocket costs associated with seeking treatment for action sport-sustained injuries. Concurrent or prior medical insurance is not required to receive the benefits associated with XSI.

For more information, please visit www.xsi-now.com.

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