X Games Slopestyle – Minute by Minute Updates

X Games Slopestyle – Minute by Minute Updates

TJ WINS!! Yeah TJ! Funny to think he wasn’t even initially invited to the event this year! The slopestyle master is officially back. “Holy crap,” he says.

Second place: Sammy Carlson.

Third place: Colby James West

All-star podium. Great contest.

Last skiing run of the X Games! Colby West drops in… can he take the top spot? 270 on; 450 on 270 off; bs 270 off; sick 630 off up box; switch 7; swith misty 9 over the channel; BIG 9 off the last jump. Great run, Colby! Perfectly clean… really good stuff. Enough for third!

Sammy had an amazing run going on, but his channel hit was a bit waffy. His last-hit 12 was SICK though! He’s staying in 2nd place… guaranteed podium! Nice one.

Only three guys to go! TJ’s turn: 279 on; regular on 270 off; switch onto butter box, rodeo off; big rodeo off the up box; switch 9; … fell on the channel. Am I allowed to put a sad face in this post? hmm.. Still in first! Watching TJ ski is a pleasure.

Andreas Hatveit put down his run perfectly. Perfect grabs, great stomps (with one little exception). Not the most spins, which is somewhat surprising from Andreas. I’m calling he’s staying in third place.

Finally we get to see Phil Casabon ski! Somebody get me a doo rag ’cause I just pooped myself. The rail section was unreal! Regular on, switchup, 270 off on the double kink. He killed it with style, too… but unfortunately, he sketched out trying to transition from one feature the other. He’ll stay in fourth for now. Good work, buddy.

Current standings:
1. TJ
2. Sammy
3. Andrews
4. Casabon
5. West
6. Brown
7. Walker
8. Gagnier

Bobby Brown did the double on his third run. Not enough to increase his score, though. He’s still in sixth.

Oakley is killing it with its commercials this year.

Colby West, who qualified first, killed it on the rail section, but sketched out on the channel gap. Still smiling.

Sammy Carlson sketched out on the first feature (270 on the hard way, then caught an edge), and then just styled out some hits and had a jolly ol’ time the rest of the way down. One run to go! Still in second.

TJ Schiller was putting together an awesome run! Really good TJ style. Unfortunately, he couldn’t put it down on the final hit. But he’s still in first. Sick right-side nine over the channel. Underrotated his switch 12 a little… bummer man! Looking good, though.

Bobby Brown: 270 on, then 450 on 270 off, straight on, bs 450 off, rodeo 450 off the box, switch right 7, switch left 9, forward 9 tip grab. Very solid run.

While we’re at commercial break, let’s take a moment for some shameless plugging. Disclosure: The St. Regis hotel hooked us up with a comfortable home to live in during X. Although it’s easy to give props to people when they’re hooking you up, I’ve gotta say, this is the sickest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. Even when we showed up at the front desk at 5am in our boxers soaking wet from a hot tub session, they continued to call us “sir” after every sentence and didn’t even frown once. The rooms aren’t cheap, but they treat you like a movie star, even if you’re a slummy skier causing shit at all hours of the night. So this is a thank you to the St. Regis for having us (and keeping us!), and next time you come to Aspen, check it out! End of shameless plugging.

Colby West put on a SHOW! 450 on, 270 off the double kink box. From switch misty 9 over the channel to barely making it to the final hit, he stomped a right 9. No big deal. Now in 4th.

Sammy Carlson showing he’s one of the top rail bros. Or maybe I should just say top slopestyle bros! Straight 10 with the poke? Damn Sammy! Good to see you killing it. Good enough for second!

TJ just SLAYED IT! Stomped everything like nothin. Rodeo off the butter box. Nice pop. He crossed the canyon, too, with a beautiful right 9. Puts him in first place.

Current standings:
1. Andreas
2. Gagner
3. Walker
4. Brown
5. Casabon

Andrew Hatveit just killed the rail section and did back to back 10s on the last two features. New first place, I’m claiming!

Charles Gagnier more or less landed his run, but had some bobbles. He’s doing some wild stuff on the butter box… x-up butter? Your name guess is as good as mine.

Bobby Brown caught an edge on the first feature, essentially making his run a throwaway.

Matt Walker stomped a clean run in his first of three. Currently in first place.

Coming to you live from the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, Colorado, keep refreshing for updates from today’s final ski event!

Qualifying results:

1. Colby West
2. Sammy Carlson
3. TJ Schiller
4. Andreas Hatveit
5. Phil Casabon
6. Charles Gagnier
7. Bobby Brown
8. Matt Walker

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