X Games Morning 3: Slopestyle Is Crazy

X Games Morning 3: Slopestyle Is Crazy

Another sunny and warm day is presiding over Aspen, CO, as the slopestyle course was opened and the men and women were unleashed upon it. Starting off with a down rail/box option, the next feature is a down-flat-down box or rail feature. Then into either a big box made of snow, or a long flat box. Picking up speed, competitors fly into either a jump or a canon box, which Jossi Wells, JF Houle and a few others were slaying today. Quickly following is a big tabletop. into the channel gap jump, a la US Open circa 2003/4 fame. Either gap the channel or take it straight on, riders head into the last jump, a pretty sizable stepdown.

Early comments on the course say that it’s fast. There isn’t much time to set up and get yourself dialed between jumps, it’s just land, and you’re into the next feature. Most all of the slopestyle athletes were out training, while a few halfpipe athletes opted to rest up for tonight’s men’s superpipe elimination.

Check back tomorrow for some athlete responses to the course and check back later tonight for full results from the Superpipe!

*Yes, I know there aren’t pics of all the competitors.

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