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I really thought simon should have won at first glance when i watched x last week, but after careful observation i realised that tanner had a run that by judging standards and what they judge skiers by, he won.simon always wins visually , that you cannot argue with , but the reason simon is always thought to have won was the amplitude.i agree, by a lookers prespective i think simon should have won the last two years in a row but then i realise how much harder beiing technical is than boosting. everyone gets so pumped when people boost that when you see a technically harder run ,you are not that impressed at first , but then when i tried to throw a 900 both ways in the pipe, i felt horrible spinning to my left and only got a sloppy 7 my unnatural way. i give props to both simon and tanner for what they do and if simon makes his runs more technically difficult with his amplitude he will win next year. still, high fives and powder to Tanner and Simon for being the best pipe skiers in the world.

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