The Woody Air Morgan Mid Teaser

The Woody Air Morgan Mid Teaser

Rumor has it Nike 6.0 has hired the best ramp builder on the planet, Nate Wessel to build a mini ramp in one lucky shredder’s back yard. Check out Nike6 on Feb 8th for contest details.


The Woody Air Mogan Mid is inspired by our obsession with building mini ramps. It¹s the energy of the first cut, the last nail pounded and the stoke of the inaugural drop-in packaged into a dope pair of shred-ready kicks. Real wood-panels, woven together for added durability combine with performance features like an encapsulated air bag in the heel. The graphics on the removable ankle strap pay homage to the band saw blades and bent nails that are part of the art of building. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of mini ramps.

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