‘Wisconsin at it’s Finest’

‘Wisconsin at it’s Finest’

hiiiiii !

I’m Kylie.
20 years old.
Junior in college. Art-Graphic Design Major.

Reside in Wisconsin.

I like to catch frogs. with my hands. 

Drawing. Soccer. Skiing[snow&water]. Wakeboarding. Fishing. Cliff Jumping.
I love kids.

I love Jesus.
 ‘I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free’ Psalm 119:32
I love my family.

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite colors: Lime Green & Orange

I rock Fischer and Liberty LaRose skis.

Oakley white/ pink iridium & Dragon Zebra print gogs.

I grew up skiing, water and snow. I ski raced all 4 years in high school and now I’ve gotten the opportunity to help coach my former high school team and a local club team. 

Don’t under estimate us Wisconsinites… We deal with the crappiest snow, the shortest runs, and the most bipolar weather you can imagine for winter and still manage to shred. Two weeks ago it was 70*…. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.

Fact: I’m in love with the Rockies. I’ve been to Colorado several times, and this past Spring Break I was in Sunvalley, ID. I can do mountains. Darn well, too [:


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