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Winter camping, Grizzly bears and wag bags: GIRL CRUSH has it all

What happens when you get five badass women together in the backcountry? Pretty much what you’d expect. A whole lot of laughing, collaborating, brainstorming and, well…pooping.

When Salomon athlete Mali Noyes thought about who her girl crush was, Jess Baker immediately came to mind. Two-time Freeskiing World Tour champion, Exum mountain guide and mom of two, there’s honestly not much Jess Baker isn’t capable of doing—all with a shit-eating grin on her face and welcoming demeanor that can make anyone feel comfortable in unfamiliar terrain.

In the spirit of female mentorship and camaraderie, Mali and good friend Mary McIntyre decided to get a gang of women together, including Jess Baker, Lani Bruntz and Nicole Jorgenson, to venture deep into the Idaho wilderness in the middle of winter. What came to be is GIRL CRUSH. An all-female ski movie built on the premise that while there are fewer of us out there than our male counterparts, we absolutely have a place in these mountains. And while female mentors can be few and far between, they are out there and ready to invite more women into this world.

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