Windells Academy takes a trip to Nike Headquarters!

Windells Academy takes a trip to Nike Headquarters!

Here at Windells Academy, every Wednesday the students take a field trip. Sometimes it is an educational field tip, and others it has to do with the ski and snowboard industry. This past Wednesday the students of Windells Academy were lucky enough to check out Nike headquarters. In our first half of the tour, we learned how nike was created from 2 men and only $1000 dollars. The first Nike shoe sales were out of the back of a car at local track meets. Once Nike grew large enough to hire on employees, their first ever employee came up with the name “Nike”. He said that a company name should be short with a hard consonant, like a k, that makes it rememberable. Now nike has almost 6,000 employees, just at their headquarters! This year alone, Nike sold 275 million pairs of shoes, and are still #1 on the charts for shoe sales in the world. Our second half of the tour was run by Bobby Meeks, ex pro snowboarder and head of the Nike snowboard department. Bobby was kind enough to show us the boot and outerwear design offices, and we dropped by Danny Kass’ cubical to see what was on his agenda for the year.

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