Win a Full Tilt X Orage LTD Set-Up

Win a Full Tilt X Orage LTD Set-Up

You know what we haven’t had on this site for a little while? A contest that is super easy to enter. So thanks to the good folks at Orage and Full Tilt for putting this one together. You want to win a pair of Full Tilt X Orage LTD Boots ? Or how about an Orage LTD outerware kit of choice?

Well friends, you can win all of it. Just follow this link, enter your info and check back daily for winners. Orage is giving away a limited LTD (that right, limited limited) set-up every day for the next couple of weeks. No videos to upload, no stories to write, nothing to submit…just an email address, your size (as in boots and gear) then that’s that.

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