A Whole Lotta BS: Tom Wallisch, King of ‘Banging

A Whole Lotta BS: Tom Wallisch, King of ‘Banging

What is after-bang? After-bang was a term coined by the snowboard production company, Robot Food, as well as the title of its first movie. In 2002, Robot Food defined after-bang as “the desperate attempt to compensate lack of style after landing.” It is a last minute shot at redemption on an otherwise failed maneuver. Tom Wallisch is proclaimed to be the king of after-bang because of his graceful landings. However, his take offs are just as smooth and his tricks are more floated than the arms of a four-year-old in a swimming pool. His flawless style in the air makes Tom Wallisch the king of ‘banging: before-bang, mid-bang, and after-bang. The trifecta! Not to mention that he can slay any urban feature put in front of him.

Tom Wallisch is one of the most dedicated athletes in the game, with one of the biggest t-shirts. His hip, urban look has made him a poster child for companies like Jiberish and Level 1. He has come out with several edits throughout this past year, which have kept viewers drooling for more. He also got the opportunity to team up with Simon Dumont for his JOSS edit, which was one of the most progressive of the year. The footage we have seen is only a sneak peak of what is to come from Level 1 this fall.

Freeskier: When are you returning to Boulder to see Willis Brown pour beer and Red Bull all over himself and innocent chicks?
Tom Wallisch: Hahaha, probably not till this fall during premiere time… I miss the place though, it’s just too damn fun.

FS: So you opted out of the Just Passing Thru tour?
TW: Ahh ya… I’m coaching at Windell’s, and have another trip planned… I couldn’t really be a part of it.

FS: You are such a busy bee. You and Mr. Dumont were partners at JOSS this year. What did you think of Jon’s event and working with Simon?
TW: It was pretty damn fun… we had an ill crew for sure, fun contest. Simon wouldn’t have sagged his pants low enough, or worn big enough tall tees, if I wasn’t there. So I think he’s pretty grateful, hahaha.

FS: I thought the edit was unreal. Can we expect more from Tom Wallisch in your Level 1 section this season?
TW: I’d say so… I’m stoked on my Level 1 stuff. I feel like it’s really well rounded. Some urban, some backcountry, and some park stuff. I think people will enjoy it… or at least I hope so!

FS: Now this has been a hot heated question between John Symms, Colby West, Shay Williams and myself, who are the top three most attractive male pro skiers? Sorry, I am not included…
TW: Haha, not included? Oh what the hell!?

FS: If you are uncomfortable answering I chose Blake Nyman, Matt Margetts, and TJ Schiller. Agree to disagree?
TW: I’ll always agree to disagree… sure! But let it be noted, the choices were yours!

FS: Well it has been a true pleasure talking with you. Any last shout outs?
TW: Good call! And, ummm, no, not really… except Dahoodhouse.com. Dropping sooon!

FS: Well we will be sure to check out the new website. You stay classy Tom Wallisch.
TW: You do the same, Brian Schroy.

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