A Whole Lotta BS: Peter Olenick Puts Party Lifestyle On Hold

A Whole Lotta BS: Peter Olenick Puts Party Lifestyle On Hold

Party man Peter Olenick has quit drinking for the entire summer. He is coaching at Momentum Ski Camp in Whistler, BC. Temptation may run high as Whistler is a town that knows how to party. With some of the best nightlife and women, it will be hard to hold strong. However, this is a perfect time for Peter to do what he came to do: train hard, get in shape, and remember the things that others will try to forget.

Freeskier: You stopped drinking for the whole summer!?
Peter Ryan Olenick: That is correct sir, and nobody thinks that i can do it. Whats up with that?

FS: Are you aware that you are in Whistler for the summer? I hear that they party over there sometimes.
PRO: Yeah, I have spent summers up here where I would only party on nights when it was going to be shitty out the next day. It is almost always shitty here, so I have drank bunch nights. Plus most of my friends that I have up here work in all the bars, so its super fun and easy to party, but now that just makes it easier for me to get tons of free waters.

FS: I admire you. You and TJ Schiller decided to make a little bet who can make it the longest without consuming alcohol. Do you have any strategies to get him to crack?
PRO: I have not been plotting against him, but yeah, we put a $5000 wager on it and I would love to take his money cause he is rich: X games gold, twice. We more just want to spend the summer getting in shape and skiing every day. I have heard some rumors that some people want to drug our waters, so hopefully that does not happen.

FS: Has there been a lot of peer pressure with all the birthdays and bar parties that seem to occur on a nightly basis?
PRO: Yeah, every night seems to be a new party or someone’s last night or something. And the first week was hard because I was not skiing but now that I am, it’s cake.

FS: Have you created outlets to resist temptation? For example, do you find yourself eating five beaver tails (fried dough) a day, or 12 Tekka Maki rolls at Sushi Village?
PRO: I do eat way more food now, I also feel like I have ADD because I have tons of energy and just want to do fun stuff all the time.

FS: Well sobriety can only bring good things. Have you noticed any physical advantages since you went cold turkey?
PRO: Yeah, I got super jacked and tan. Some call me Jackie Tan now.

FS: What do you have planned for the rest of summer? Any goals?
PRO: I bought a rally car, and I have been dirt biking. I am also planning a trip to Chile and Down Under. Other than that, just the gym and skiing.

FS: It is nice that you and TJ are in this together. I know you two are the best of friends. Has he been making the summer easier for you? Have you guys been motivating each other on and off the mountain?
PRO: Yeah, we have been shredding everyday and hitting the gym. He also motivated me to learn my first double on jumps and I cant wait to learn more now. Teej is the man and stoked to get all this time to hang out with him and watch our idiot friends get wasted face everyday.

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