A Whole Lotta BS: Andrew Hathaway is Hathbanger

A Whole Lotta BS: Andrew Hathaway is Hathbanger

Music and skiing go hand in hand. Whether it is jamming to tunes on the mountains or picking out songs for future video segments, music has a major influence on the slopes. Competitors are allowed to choose songs during competition runs to pump them up and improve their performance. Many of these athletes have taken their passion for music to the next level. There is a whole community of skiers who DJ in their free time. Jon Shares (DJ Shares) has been spinning major events across the globe, while Matt Harvey (Harvitronix) keeps it local in Boulder hotspots.

Andrew Hathaway aka Hathbanger, has developed an impressive following in the Colorado area and beyond. Hath and partner, Julian Wheating, have been busy spinning practically every weekends. Whether it is bars or house parties these kids are always around by popular demand. He was given a blog to update new tracks and fresh samples, and might be recognized by the beats in the first trailer of Everyday Is A Saturday . Hathaway also works very closely with Matt Walker (Daywalker). Hathbanger and Daywalker were busy at work this week spinning at all the premieres. They worked overtime at the premiere of Refresh, and then flew to Seattle the following day for the Triple Threat Tour.

Hathaway is constantly working on new tracks to keep his followers happy, but still puts skiing ahead of it all. His relationship with Poor Boyz has only helped him in succeeding with his passions. He is living the dreams and making a name for himself. Make sure to keep with Hathbanger’s blog. There is always something fresh awaiting review.

Freeskier: You have been pretty busy this year?
Andrew Hathaway: Ya, for sure! It just started getting pretty hectic with the advent of this past weekend and the world premieres of both Refresh and Everyday is a Saturday. Those two banger premieres have suddenly kicked off my fall ski movie premier circuit. Both myself and Matt Walker have several premieres remaining in the Boulder/Denver area for film companies such as Poor Boyz, Level 1, 4reel Media, Rage films…

FS: What got you into spinning?
AH: Boulder, CO is the mecca for DJ’s. In going to school there I’ve been exposed to both a strong Dj and electronic music following. It was actually Freeskier’s very own, Matt Harvey, who hooked it up with my first version of Ableton, the DJ program I use. He then told me how to change the master tempo and the idea behind warping. It wasn’t until I was driving across the country with my buddy that it hit hit me. I came back to school that fall and it’s been history ever since.

FS: What or who is your inspiration behind the music?
AH: I would have to say that both skiing and Boulder, CO are what influence my music. As I said before, Boulder, CO is chalk full of electronic music so it’s hard not to live there and not hear banger tracks everyday… As far as skiing, I love to shred with music. Everyday during the winter, Walker and I shred the Keystone and Breckenridge parks jamming out to super heavy, banger tracks. I believe that the music that I like excites me in a way that helps with my skiing, and vice versa.

FS: How does DJing connect to skiing?
AH: I think that DJing translates well into skiing, because it allows me to give back to the ski community on a totally different medium. Having grown up watching such movies as 1242, Forward, etc… I’ve been raised watching the best skiing in the world with some of the best underground music there is. That audio/visual combination has really been the only musical influence in my life. I’m excited for this winter because I’ll have the ability to produce both the shots and the music for an edit…I think it will allow us to produce edits that will be more capable of pleasing the viewers.

FS: You have clearly developed a following through your talents. Is it ever overwhelming having people constantly asking you to perform at their parties?
AH: No, not really. I find a lot of joy in making people feel happy. Music has that ability. I love being able to control the feeling in the room.

FS: What is next for Hathbanger?
AH: Winter time tunes and shreds in Summit County with Walker, Pete Holt, J-Dubsssss, SMITH, Brogz, Hornbeck, Waker, Moxham, Delorme, Trains, and Clarke. I think Walker and I are lookin’ to release a mix and edit every week to keep the masses groovin during the winter months. In the mean time, here’s a mash up of Notorious BIG and Miley Cyrus… ENJOY:

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