When I’m Lange girl I’ll campaign for World Peace… LOL!

When I’m Lange girl I’ll campaign for World Peace… LOL!

I was raised in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire deep in the countryside. Being brought up in this region I learned to respect the unpredictability, beauty, and power the mountains possess.

For a short time I attended GMVS, a ski racing academy located in the beautiful Mad River Valley of Vermont. Within five miles of each other lie three ski areas; Mad River Glen, Lincoln Peak, and Mt. Ellen. All of which have certain individual characteristics that make them unique. It’s because of these qualities I still reside here.

While at the academy I learned what I think is the core of skiing when it comes to technique, but in the back of my mind as we were slipping the precious powder off the race course I was dreaming of the less structured “free ride” style. Whether it’s glades, steeps, powder, bumps, or skinning to the top of my secret stash; to me the real beauty is choosing where I want to turn, when I want to turn, and how I want to turn. Unlike on a race course I need the freedom to be able to adapt to the terrain and create my own route.

This is the basis of who I am and why I would be a suitable “Lange girl”. I’m beautiful, as with the mountains I’ll hover in the background seemingly mysterious I’ll keep you wondering, but if you adjust your line the right way you’ll have a sweet ride.

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