What’s the best way to celebrate Canada Day? Talk to a Canadian eh! TJ Schiller interview.

What’s the best way to celebrate Canada Day? Talk to a Canadian eh! TJ Schiller interview.

Woodward at Copper catches up with TJ Schiller. TJ was one of W@C’s guest pro coaches during the Orage and Dragon sponsored weeks. What a great way to celebrate Canada day, much love to all of our Canuckian friends, and a great way to start Woodward at Copper’s new blog series the illustrious “Fab 5.5 with…”

The Fab 5.5 is a quick and painless series of questions for W@C’s visiting and resident pro athletes. The questions will sporadically change and will give our readers insight into the minds, training schedules and happenings of our friends here at W@C. So come along for the ride!

Without further delay: Fab 5.5 with TJ Schiller

W@C: Yah, Hi TJ, what exactly would you say it is that you do here?

TJ: I come to Woodward @ Copper to practice tricks im uncomfortable trying on snow. The trampolines have the perfect bounce, the trainers are there always helping you get you want to get done. The foam pit launch from the tramp is by far my favorite.

W@C: Did you learn or perfect any new tricks while you were here?

TJ: I perfected my double rodeos and double corks while i was there. I was able to bring them to snow just 2 days ago. It helped me gain the confidence i needed.

W@C: Autobots or Decepticons and why?

TJ: Auto’s
Bumblebee is one bad-ass.

W@C: What is your style? Hesh, Tall-T, Lamp shade, gypsy, other?

TJ: Strong.

W@C: What/who/where/when was your favorite thing/person/place/time at Woodward at Copper?

TJ: First day just seeing the entire setup blew my mind. I felt like a little kid again and just bounced all day. It was epic.

W@C: Final word?


So that’s the Fab 5.5 with TJ Schiller. Hope everyone enjoyed that little nugget. Let us know who you would like to see an interview with and what you’d like to know. [email protected]

P.S. Check out TJ in Freeskier’s most recent Woodward edit. https://freeskier.com/videos/video.php?video_id=1675

HUGE thank you to Freeskier’s Digi Dave for putting this sickness together…P.S. nice triple Digi!

P.S.S. Thank you to all of the athletes that have joined us so far this summer. Without you guys, W@C wouldn’t be as awesome as it is. And THANK YOU to all of our sponsors, Mike Nick/Cody Lynge/Derek Pappas @ Orage and Alex Pashley at Dragon Alliance.

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