What’s In The Bag: Traveling with Jossi Wells

What’s In The Bag: Traveling with Jossi Wells


Jossi in Geneva, Switzerland

Jossi Wells is one of the most prolific comp and film skiers on the planet. But living the life of a pro and hailing from the Southern Hemisphere means a ton of travel. With all the endless airline segments and road miles, Jossi needs his essentials at hand all the time. We caught up with Jossi in Geneva and asked him for a closer look into his travel lifestyle.


1_ Apple Macbook Pro 13"   2_ Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses 
3_ Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 Shoulder Bag   4_ Magazines, GQ & Skateboarding
5_ Pad And Quill Little Black Book   6_ Apple iPhone 4S
7_ New Zealand National Passport   8_ Air New Zealand Star Gold Card
9_ Leica M9-P Digital Camera   10_ Leica SF 58 Flash
11_ Skullcandy Aviator Headphones   12_ Apple Magic Mouse
13_ Apple iPod Nano & Apple Headphones   14_ Kensington Travel Plug Adapter
15_ Book, House of Versace   16_ External Hard Drives

WHERE ARE YOU TRAVELING FROM AND TO? Tignes, France for Euro X Games to Sunday River, Maine for the Dumont Cup.

WHERE DO YOUR TRAVELS TAKE YOU IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS? Sunday River, then back to Breckenridge for a day, then to Mammoth for a Monster Energy park shoot, then into Sweden for JOI, then Italy for 9 Knights, then to Whistler for WSI. After that I'll be busy filming until there is no snow left.

HOW'S THE SEASON BEEN FOR YOU? FILL US IN ON SOME HIGHLIGHTS. Highlight was definitely X Games Big Air. It's always a sick event and I've been trying to get a medal in that event for a few years now. I also went to Cabo right after which was a nice break from the snow. Been in Europe the last couple weeks, I always have a great time over here, I love it.

WHAT MADE YOU GO WITH THE LOUIS BAG OVER THE SKI INDUSTRY STANDARD BACKPACK? I stopped traveling with a backpack a few years ago. I'm a fan of the over-the-shoulder, duffel-style carry on. They are more classy in my opinion. This year I decided to step my duffel game up and get the Louis.

WHAT'S ONE ITEM YOU CAN'T TRAVEL WITHOUT? iPhone. But that goes without saying… My camera keeps me entertained while traveling. Also my own headphones, I hate the airline ones.

WHAT'S NEXT ON YOUR LIST OF TRAVEL PURCHASES? I would like to get a black leather trunk. Like hard case style. But I think it may suck to try get into cars and whatnot, so I'm holding off on that one for now.


GOT ANY TRAVEL TIPS FOR BUDDING TRAVELERS OUT THERE? Pack what you think you need, then halve it. You'll be good to go. Don't stress. It never does any good. If you miss flights or whatever, it's not the end of the world. Get on the next flight and relax. Nothing worse than traveling with a stressed out traveler.

For more information on Jossi, follow him on Twitter, @JossiWells.



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