Wells & Burke win Dew Tour Snowbasin Superpipe

Wells & Burke win Dew Tour Snowbasin Superpipe

As the sun sets on Saturday here in Ogden, Utah, another Superpipe competition is in the books. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the competitors were firing today. An early morning start, a crisp halfpipe and the live tv cameras rolling, today was a good day for a pipe comp. On the men's side of things, that kiwi Jossi Wells walked away the victor while over on the women's side, Sarah Burke took her familiar place on top of the podium. Simon Dumont and Peter Olenick followed Wells in 2nd and 3rd respectively, while Jen Hudak and Rosalind Groenewoud rounded out the women's podium. Jossi kicked off the day with a run identical to his Breckenridge halfpipe run, with a little kicker at the end. 900 to right 900 to double flip to right 720 to switch 720 shifty to alley oop flatspin 540. That run was enough to pique the judges interest into giving him a first place finish. Simon Dumont who was charging hard this morning took amplitude to new heights (get it?). Massive 900 to right 900 to double flip to alley oop 720 to Switch 1080 (720 in his 2nd run). The judges must not have liked the 5-hit run and gave Dumont the 2nd place finish. Pete Olenick, who took a big spill in practice, dropped bombs to snag 3rd. Pete's new alley oop double flip 900 to 900 to right 900 to 1080 to switch alley oop 540 was enough to outlast all the pipe riders that followed.

Tucker Perkins, who knocked himself out in practice, managed to pull it together to drop a technical run and snag a respectable 4th place. Xavier Bertoni who also took a big spill in practice, looked to be holding back today, yet skied well enough to snag 5th, in typical Bertoni fashion. AJ Kemppainen, Colby West, Matt Duhamel and Dan Marion all put down stock runs, but with enough amplitude and technical capability to put on a show for the crowd. Unfortunately, last stop's winner Mike Riddle, his teammate Justin Dorey and Kevin Rolland all failed to put down a clean run, placing them at the back of the pack. But all three live to fight another day, which is the important thing. For the women, Sarah Burke took up a familiar spot after her one year competition hiatus due to her back injury. After going down on a right 540 on her first run, she changed her game up and stomped 540, 720 and 900 bringing her a nice payday. Jen Hudak, yesterday's top qualifier, rode hard her first run, taking that 540, 720 and alley oop 540 into first after her first run. But on her 2nd run, she landed a bit backseat on her 900, in effect killing that run. Roz G, who had the biggest straight airs of the women's event, took that amplitude and a solid 540 and 360 to switch hit all the way to the bank.

Anais Caradeux, Virginie Faivre and Jessica Cumming laid down some solid runs, showing off their skills for the sizable Snowbasin crowd. However all three were missing the 900 or the amplitude that Groenewoud took into the pipe today, thus putting them at the bottom of the finals rankings. Regardless, the women put on a show for their sole Winter Dew Tour stop. As we close the book on another halfpipe event, we can only look forward to the progression and show that the athletes will put on at the next Winter Dew Tour stop and X Games. Stay tuned for tomorrow's early morning Slopestyle Finals.

Men's Final Results:
1) Jossi Wells
2) Simon Dumont
3) Peter Olenick
4) Tucker Perkins
5) Xavier Bertoni
6) AJ Kemppainen
7) Colby West
8) Matt Duhamel
9) Dan Marion
10) Mike Riddle
11) Kevin Rolland
12) Justin Dorey
Women's Final Results:
1) Sarah Burke
2) Jen Hudak
3) Rosalind Groenewoud
4) Anais Caradeux
5) Virginie Faivre
6) Jessica Cumming

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