Welcome to the world of Ghosts Apparel Studio

Welcome to the world of Ghosts Apparel Studio

The star-studded team at GHOSTS Apparel consists of a global network of designers, developers, fabric specialists, supply chain experts and veteran athletes committed to making the most environmentally-friendly high-performance technical outerwear possible. Led by Faction Skis co-founder Tony McWilliam, GHOSTS is proud to announce its Kickstarter campaign that will help this amazingly talented collective turn their ideas into a reality.

Introducing a revolutionary waterless dyeing process and outerwear created from completely recycled yarn, GHOSTS is flipping the textile industry on its head. Significantly reducing water and energy use, as well as harmful chemical and carbon emissions, the team at GHOSTS Apparel producing outerwear that you can feel good about buying and can count on in the most adverse weather conditions.


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