The web dork takes a vacation.

The web dork takes a vacation.

After working myself retarded launching the new website I figured a vacation was in order. What exotic location did I choose for my relaxation? Mexico? The Caribbean? Am I sitting on a beach sipping a gigantic alcoholic drink watching the sunset? Surely I went somewhere warm and sunny, right?

Negative, folks. You see, I am from Boston. For my vacation I flew home to bask in the greatness that is New England sports. The Sox are in the playoffs and the Pats are clowning everyone they play. Where better to celebrate the awesomeness of post season baseball and a 6-0 team than in the heart of New England? With that in mind I packed my bags, booked a flight on JetBlue and headed home for 12 days of awesomeness in the city that I used to call home.

My days and nights are spent with old friends, drinking my money away at watering holes that I used to frequent. Car rides are substituted with trips to the T station and refilling my Charlie Card . Every television I see appears to be permanently stuck on ESPN.

This is going to be one hell of a vacation. See you guys on the flipside. I’ve got to head out for last call.

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