Waze meets Instagram with new outdoorsy crowd-sourcing app

Waze meets Instagram with new outdoorsy crowd-sourcing app

Skiing is typically a stress-free sport, but certain variables can instill some worry from time to time: Weather is perhaps the greatest variable of all, and up until now, it’s been tough to know what sorts of conditions await on the mountain. Sure, snow reports and webcams can help, but it’s 2016 and our fast-paced world deserves something better.


goFlow has a beautiful design and is easy to use.

Enter goFlow: A brand-new app available on all mobile decives that provides crowd-sourced, real-time global weather and environmental conditions. Similar to Waze, users can post updates from the outdoors to let others know what they’re getting into. And similar to Instagram, users can upload photos and videos with those updates to show others exactly what they’re getting into. The app goes beyond skiing, too; it also covers surfing, boating, cycling, diving, fishing, golfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding and skateboarding.

For more information, watch the video, below, head to goFlow’s site and join over 100,000 happy users when you’re ready to download.

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