Watch the Level 1 Superunknown X semifinalist videos [updated]

Watch the Level 1 Superunknown X semifinalist videos [updated]

Parker White jumping a 110 foot step over jump on Dollar Mountai

After collecting more than 100 video submissions from across the globe, the Level 1 crew had their work cut out for ’em when it came time to select the semifinalists and finalists of the 10th annual edition of the famed Superunknown contest—skiing’s greatest video talent search. But when push came to shove—as it inevitably must in regards to this competition—the staff voted, the results were tallied and the finalists were selected. Given the depth of this year’s talent pool, Level 1 opted to designate 20 semifinalists, and 10 finalists.

In a statement on its website, Level 1 addressed the challenge of selecting finalists this year: “The vast majority of [the videos were] pretty darn solid, and a good half of them really legit… it’s a brain-melting task to sift through them all and give each of them a fair shake when we’re talking about different skiers with different styles, different parks to film in, different snow conditions, different filmers, and access to different cameras and equipment.”

Each day this week, Level 1 is releasing a handful of the semifinalist videos for your viewing enjoyment; the videos are embedded below. Ultimately, the 10 finalists will join Level 1 at Sun Valley, ID for a spring photoshoot, where the collective Level 1 crew will crown a new winner. The Superunknown X champ will join the impressive list of former winners including Lucas Stål-Madison, Sig Tveit,  Logan Imlach, Niklas Eriksson, Jon Brogan, Tom Wallisch, Michael Clarke, JD Zicat and Corey Vanular.

Superunknown X semifinalists, Monday, April 1:

Simen Aarseth Gjelsvik

Cedric DP

Andy McDowell

Oscar Wester

Superunknown X semifinalists, Tuesday, April 2:

Michael Briggles

Joakim Rignell

Josh Karcher

Lars Tynes

Superunknown X semifinalists, Wednesday, April 3:

Jens Nilsson

Sam Hurst

Kevin Salonius

Brad Bulzan

Superunknown X semifinalists, Thursday, April 4:

Robby Franco

Sam Zahner

Mike King

Laurent De Martin

Superunknown X semifinalists, Friday, April 5:

Markus Obwaller

Martin Boulais

Nick Miles

Dylan Manley



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