Washington SnowLeopard

Washington SnowLeopard

I love living in the Pacific Northwest because all this rain delivers some seriously BIG alpine snowpacks. Skiing inbounds is awesome on high avi days and to socialize with ski buds. The massive glaciers and huge volcanoes up here make it so I can ski all year round long after the lifts are closed! I make lots of first female ski descents. I break trail and out climb all the Boyz on long 12+ hour days.

Why should I be the next Local Lange Girl? Because I CHANGE THE WAY MEN THINK ABOUT WOMEN. As Beautiful, Sexy, Strong Women / Lange Girls(Sexy emphasized!) we push the boundaries on what others unconsciously think women can do out there. I’m out in the alpine in my own girrly rippn’ way still blowing the guys away.

Lange has been ahead of the curve developing boots for women’s alignment–this is something I totally appreciate as an ortho physiotherapist ! I grew up skiing since I was 4. Have had a great time working as a ski model and ski instructor. Skied in Norway, B.C. (my 2nd home), Japan.

Now I instruct crevasse rescue classes, I win the local rando races (climb up/ski down) and finish top 10 for the men. Lots of lungs and legs.
I lead trips skiing off the summit of Mt. Rainier
(BiggestBadassGlaciated mountain here in the lower 48).

— What’s more sexy than a kickass strong girl who can ski!!


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