Wallisch Wednesdays return for 11/12 season: Watch the teaser

Wallisch Wednesdays return for 11/12 season: Watch the teaser

Exciting news from Scott this morning, as we've learned Wallisch Wednesdays are back for another season. You can expect full length videos on the first Wednesday of each month throughout the winter, starting in December.

Here's what Mr. T. Wall himself had to say about this season's videos:

“This year we've decided to spread things out a little bit more and put some more time into each episode, so we are going to launch a new episode on the first Wednesday of every month.  This will allow us to put out better content with more high quality action, behind the scenes fun, and random awesomeness than ever before. Each episode will be a cool, well filmed/edited look into my season and everything that happens along the way."

Wallisch notes that he'll "still be putting out fun short edits here and there, and you can always expect hilarious content from 4bi9 Media's Guacamole Sundayze series as well.  I'm just super excited to add a little more production value to my Webisode's, and hopefully produce some edits that everyone will enjoy watching over and over."

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