Vote for your favorite ski brand for a chance to win $1,000

Vote for your favorite ski brand for a chance to win $1,000

The fine folks at evo are pitting skiing’s biggest brands against each other, and they’re counting on you to decide who will reign supreme. Have a strong allegiance to a certain brand? This is your chance to tell the world why. evo is even offering a $1,000 gift card—good for any purchase on evo.com—to one lucky person who fills out a review.

Anyone can vote, and voting is open through October 29, 2012. The ski brand that racks up the most votes at the end of the contest will be crowned victorious. And what exactly is this contest all about? We checked in with evo this week to find out.

How did you guys come up with this contest, the People’s Pick — Ski Brand Showdown? Brand loyalty is no joke. We realize that skiers have strong opinions about their favorite brand, so we decided to put it to a vote. It’s fun to get the competitive juices flowing between the brands and give the ski community something to vote for that they really care about. You, the people, will ultimately decide which company is bringing their A game and making the very best product—so go vote and show your brand some love. To make things interesting, we’re also going to hook up one lucky voter with a cool grand to spend on their favorite gear.

What’s in it for the brands? Good question. The brand that wins will get massive bragging rights and some of the best free marketing they could possibly dream of. The announcement of the winner will syndicate through evo email/facebook and all major ski publications. Brands will be clamoring for votes so don’t be surprised if Captain K2 or the Line Traveling Circus comes knocking on your door. And, be sure to check the real-time Current Standings Page to see who’s in the lead.

Which brands are competing? Pretty much all of ‘em. To keep things clean we did limit the list to brands that produce skis and those that we carry on evo.com. These are: 4FRNT, Armada, Atomic, Blizzard, Dynafit, Fischer, Icelantic, K2, Lib Tech, Liberty, Line Skis, Moment, Nordica, ON3P, Salomon, Scott, Surface, Volkl, Black Diamond, Dynastar, G3, Rossignol and Head.

What do you look for in an entry? In previous contests we have had each entrant write up a description about why they think their brand is best. While you’re free to let us know what you dig about your brand, we decided to take a simpler approach this time and make it easier for the fans. We found out that, while reading all those entries was fun and all, after number 900 you start to go a little crazy. So, the winner of the $1,000 will be picked at random. You could increase your odds and get your friends to vote for your brand—with the agreement that you’d split the winnings.

How does running this contest benefit evo? Really it’s all about engaging three groups of people: skiers, brands, and the ski media in a way that gets everyone fired up about the amazing product on the market today. At the end of the day, by hosting this event we hope to introduce evo to those that don’t know about us and give people a sense of what we’re all about. It’s also a fun way for us to work with our brand and media partners to ramp the energy level heading into the season. I guess to give it to you straight, we want to get people psyched, tap into that competitive spirit and fly into this season like a bat out of hell.

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