Volcano Voyage: The Photo Journal

Volcano Voyage: The Photo Journal

This Spring, skier Lucas Wachs, photographer Pete Alport, videographer Fletcher Hukari and a rotating cast of friends collectively laid tracks on 12 of Oregon and California’s most recognizable peaks.

Dubbed the “Volcano Voyage,” the light-hearted, go-with-the-flow mentality of the trip led to an abundance of good times and radical springtime footage showing what it looks like to carve and jump all over Mt. Shasta, Mt. Thielsen, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, the Three Sisters and more.

Take a moment to scroll through the photo journal below, compiled by Wachs, and immerse yourself in this PNW journey alongside the crew.

If all the smiles from this trip where collected, there would be enough cheese to last you through the winter. PHOTO: Pete Alport

Late May snow storms mean it’s time to build a jump. Lucas Wachs leans into a cork 3 below Broken Top (OR). PHOTO: Pete Alport

Yes, tree wells are dangerous in the winter—but they are a great place to catch some z’s in the spring. Here, Lucas Wachs can be seen snoozing and dreaming of the day to come on Mt. Jefferson. PHOTO: Pete Alport

Mt. Jefferson has a lot of 50/50’s, or yin-and-yangs, going on with it. Half of it is on the Native American reservation; half is cooked by the sun; half is blasted with rime and snow. High desert on one side, and a damp lush forest on the other. It is a balanced mountain. If you look closely you can spot a wild Lucas Wachs roaming just below the summit pinnacle. PHOTO: Pete Alport

A sight that one must see for themselves—the shadow of a volcano stretching miles and miles, slowly shrinking as the sun rises and the corn snow ripens. PHOTO: Pete Alport
Whats better than sinking turns in some soft, fast spring snow? Doing it for 5,000 feet consecutively! Lucas Wachs lays trenches on the west chutes of Mt. Adams. PHOTO: Fletcher Hukari

No headlamps necessary with this full moon shining. PHOTO: Pete Alport
Water makes snow and snow makes water? Tim Durtschi gets his waterskiing fix. PHOTO: Pete Alport

Scott Rowley leading the way through the nostalgic Pearly Gates of Mt. Hood. The tight, rimey route combined with off-gassing of sulfur from Mt. Hood is an intimate experience. PHOTO: Fletcher Hukari

North Sister, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, seen here from front to back, appear in the early morning light. PHOTO: Pete Alport

Lucas Wachs and Scott Rowley soak in a pristine late May summit on Mt. Hood. PHOTO: Fletcher Hukari

Early starts are a must for these kinds of missions. Photographer Pete Alport is one that thrives on these pre-dawn adventures, and always finds time to photograph the environment in creative ways, seen above.

A last minute mission up Mt. Theilson showing it was very, very worth it. Lucas Wachs harvests pink corn while friend and photographer Fletcher Hukari gets the shot. PHOTO: Scott Rowley

Perks of climbing a mountain include very scenic resting spots while snacking. PHOTO: Pete Alport

When the snow melts it can reveal unique features in the Three Sisters wilderness. PHOTO: Pete Alport

Mt. Shasta’s shadow stretching its way to the horizon line. PHOTO: Lucas Wachs

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