Vital Films presents new short film “Days to Come,” starring Torin Yater-Wallace

Vital Films presents new short film “Days to Come,” starring Torin Yater-Wallace

Watch Vital Films’ Days to Come for free on freeskier.com. Select full screen, kick back and enjoy.

Aspen, CO based Vital Films is proud to present Days to Come, a short film starring hometown hero and four-time X Games medalist, Torin Yater-Wallace. Also starring Gus Kenworthy, Aiden Sheahan and Jacob Wester, the six-minute-long flick was shot exclusively at Aspen/Snowmass and features footage captured with Cineflex and Phantom technology. Take four of the world’s best skiers, add Aspen/Snowmass’ top-notch parks and throw in stunning shots of the scenery surrounding Aspen for good measure, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

The Cineflex is among the most stable camera systems in the world and the Phantom shoots at 2,000 FPS. While it’s not unusual to see a ski film produced expressly for free online release, it’s not everyday you see one that utilizes these top-of-the-line tools.

“By using the highest quality cinematography technology possible and offering this amazing imagery for free to the masses online, Days to Come redefines the traditional ski movie,” says Matt Hobbs, president of Vital Films. “This is also a breakout performance by Torin Yater-Wallace, who has quickly become one of the most talented skiers in the industry, still at the young age of 16.”

Droppin’ next! Torin Yater-Wallace shot by Jeremy Swanson_Aspen/Snowmass.

Days to Come hits the web at a time when Yater-Wallace is poised to make a comeback following months of rehab after shoulder surgery. While Yater-Wallace missed out on some of the first major events of the season—like December’s Dew Tour at Breckenridge and Grand Prix at Copper, going on this weekend—we suspect he’ll be back in top form before long. We caught up with Yater-Wallace to ask some questions about how Days to Come came to life.

Q&A: Torin Yater-Wallace

In a season full of travel and competitions, was it nice to slow down and focus on some quality filming at your home resort? Yes, in a season full of hectic traveling and competitions, filming is my favorite thing to do. I love skiing at my home resort, let alone doing it with a helicopter following you [laughs]. Filming is something I really want to pursue. Winning a big competition is something people will remember for that season, but a banger film part people will remember forever and can keep watching over and over.

Vital Films might not be on everyone’s radar. Tell us a bit about Matt Hobbs, the man behind Vital, and what it’s like to work with him. Vital films is a sick company out of Aspen that I have been working with since I was 12 years old. I always want to keep repping my hometown crew. Matt Hobbs has a very creative outlook on everything he produces and I hope that he gets recognized for that in the future with all his work to come.

Mounted below the chopper, the Cineflex keeps ‘er steady. Shot by Jeremy Swanson_Aspen/Snowmass.

What’s it like to shoot with the Cineflex and Phantom? Does it mess with your game to have a helicopter floating above you when you’re mid-stunt? The cineflex and the phantom are really high quality cameras that produce the best shots possible. Being able to work with these types of cameras is unreal and seeing the footage that comes out is breathtaking. Skiing in front of the helicopter does mess with your game a little, you feel a wind tunnel that throws you off, but at the same time encourages you to throw down because you have limited time to be able to get shots in front of the heli.

Any film plans up your sleeve for the 2012/13 season? Yes, I definitely have film plans for the season, with both Level 1 and Vital. Last year I had a few shots in the Level 1 movie and going to the premieres and seeing how stoked that makes kids watching the movie gives you a feeling like none other. Thinking about how it must feel when you put out a banger part just inspires me to film more and get lots of shots for the upcoming movie.

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