Vimeo to sell full-length movies, Level 1’s “Sunny” among the first

Vimeo to sell full-length movies, Level 1’s “Sunny” among the first

Vimeo has announced feature-length films are now available for purchase through its website. “Buy here, watch anywhere,” says Vimeo of the new service. Once purchased, films are automatically added to a “Watch Later” list. When the time is right, you can view the films on an assortment of compatible devices ranging from your laptop or computer, to a smartphone, tablet, game console or connected TV. Want to watch your new movie on a big screen in full HD? No problem—this can be done via Apple TV, Samsung TVs, Roku and more.

For filmmakers, the new service provides an easy means of sharing work with the Vimeo community. Added perks include copious data and metrics at your fingertips and built-in sharing, allowing users to share films easily via Facebook and Twitter.

To kick off the new venture, Vimeo is offering six films. Among them is Level 1 Productions’ Sunny, and Jeremy Jones’ Further, one of the year’s top snowboard flicks. Level 1 notes on its website, “This very cool new service will allow filmmakers to monetize their films by selecting the pricing, viewing period duration, territories, and bonus content. For Sunny, we’ve made it available in 1080p HD for a 30-day rental for $5. Watch it once, watch it 100 times, all for one low price. We’ve also attached 4 bonus features—another 15 minutes of content with extra footage, behind the scenes, and athlete profiles.”

To be one of the first to experience Vimeo’s pay-to-view service, drop in to vimeo.com/movies for more information.

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