VIDEO: Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Prelims cut short. Postponed due to weather

VIDEO: Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Prelims cut short. Postponed due to weather

Slopestyle Prelim Raw Footage

Today marked day 3 of the Winter Dew Tour. It also marked the 3rd day of inclement weather here in Breckenridge, CO. Either mother nature hates us or we’re going into an ice age. High winds (some would say gale force) and increasingly heavier snowfall made for conditions that are the exact opposite of optimal for a slopestyle competition.

Earlier in the morning, during practice, the sun peaked out and the conditions were decent, but as practice continued, the conditions slowly deteriorated. All of the competitors from Heat 1 got their first run under their belts, but the course hold took effect during the beginning of the 2nd runs. There will be a decision made later in the day on what exactly will be the game plan for tomorrow’s events.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures.

Prelims will be held in a one run format for both heats on Saturday morning before the finals. No runs from today will be counted and each rider will have one chance to make it into the 12 rider final.

Tucker Perkins shows his battle damage from yesterday.

Alexis Godbout hammering out some practice runs.

Tanner Rainvile

Simon Dumont: Switch 540

Sammy Carlson, flatspin 3.

Bobby Brown, on the dance floor.

Mike Clarke, 900’s like its his job.

Nick Martini prepares for a 360 switch up.

Sean Decker shows that he is dope as hell.

PK Hunder goes, Nate Abbott works on his dance moves.

Colby West and the paparazzi.

Schuster gives the athletes the run down.

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