Versatility Comes Standard: Eight ways to use a BUFF necktube

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Versatility Comes Standard: Eight ways to use a BUFF necktube

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Illustrations by Ryan Schmies

Do you own a legit BUFF® brand product? Do you even know how to use it? While we’re sure many of you are familiar with a few ways to rock your BUFF® Neckwear, there are literally dozens. Given the increased need for BUFF® tubes and filter masks this season, we highly recommend always traveling with a few extras in your pocket. We also thought we’d share some classic styles that make BUFF® products the most versatile piece of gear in your kit—along with some more modern takes. Never leave home without a BUFF® tube—or four—’cause you just don’t know when you’ll need to get creative.

The Dude Abides

The Dude wants two simple things: to keep himself warm and keep the resort open, and if that means he needs to wear a mask then he will most certainly abide. To meet current guidelines of the CDC, simply fold your BUFF® Neckwear in half, it’s really that easy. For ultimate abiding, check out the new BUFF® Filter Tube.

The Emergency Koozie

We’ve all been there: Your buddy hands you an ice cold beer after a long day of skiing and you couldn’t be happier, except… you forgot your koozie. Fear not, because any BUFF® tube can be instantly turned into a handheld thermo-insulator in a pinch. 

The Cool Guy

We all have a friend that just exudes chill vibes. Well it turns out that on top of looking good he also knows how to keep his neck warm and sunburn-free. Take a tip from TCG and keep it cool, man, because that neck of yours isn’t going to take care of itself. 

The Texas Suitcase

Our friends down in the Lone Star State sure are onto something with this one. Why would you waste your time with the impossible task of carrying skis over your shoulder when you can wrap that BUFF® tube around them and travel in smooth style?

The Napper

Travel days are long and sometimes the only way to cope is with some solid shut-eye. The Napper is the perfect way to block out the world and drift away to dreamland as you re-charge for the adventures ahead.  

The Henrik Harlaut

Edollo certainly didn’t invent the do-rag but he definitely rocks it harder than anybody else in the ski world. It’s just like a beanie, but way better. ”Wu Tang is for the children!”

The Ski Mo

The Ski Mo life is hard. You’re always getting sweat and hair in your eyes while you run your spandex-clad self uphill. Luckily the BUFF® tube can be turned into a handy headband to prevent some of those ridiculous problems. Better yet, the headband can also be rocked by people who like to have fun (AKA non-ski mo athletes).   

The Après Tube Top

Spring ski days are for soaking up the rays and looking good while you do it. After a long day of shooshing, when the sun is shining and the beers are flowing, it’s prime time to pull that BUFF® tube down over your midriff, tip a few back and show the world what you’re all about