US Nationals Superpipe @ Park City

US Nationals Superpipe @ Park City

Very impressive halfpipe skiing in Park City this week for US Freestyle Nationals. There was a great field of up and comers going absolutely enormous in PC’s Halfpipe. David Wise was the men’s champion with 15 ft plus amplitude all the way down the pipe. His run was flare to flat 5 to L 900 to R 900 to 720 absolutely huge and very impressive. Jen Hudak won for the ladies with her classic run of boosty airs to a 540 with a 720 at the bottom.

I feared that nobody would cover this event, but if anybody wants to see our sport in the olympics, or world cups in America then we have to support these high level events. Plus it was a super high level thanks to Park City’s real deal superpipe.

Other notable runs were JP Solberg’s humongous 900’s and double flip, Walter Wood’s spinny runs, 20 ft airs from Tony siebert and Brian Kish, Back to back inverted 900’s from Clayton Vila and silky smoothe style from Matt Duhamel.

If anybody has photos please post them so we can all see how amazing this display of skiing was.

Good luck to all!!!!

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