Trip so far!

Trip so far!

Hey everyone… I just got to Aspen the other night after several long, but exciting days back around Denver.

The day after I arrived we headed up to Loveland and got some good runs in- unfortunately, it was a little windblown and cold, but obviously still better than the east. I’ve been out to Colorado so many times before, but I think this was the first time that I really noticed the difference in oxygen levels from the altitude… or maybe I’m just really out of shape, which is extremely possible.

Wednesday my brother took my friend Annie and me up and around Boulder and Red Rocks. Wicked nice and laid back around there- who knows, maybe this summer I’ll be living in an apartment in Boulder and begging Freeskier for an internship 😉

Thursday was a full day at Vail. Starting off with some flat light, and wet heavy snow I was a little skeptical. But, as soon as the sun came out I realized why everyone loves it there. We hit up some of the bowls, but I have to say it was pretty epic in the woods. A few cliffs were jumped, and a few crashes were made. From Vail we left for Aspen- wow that drive is crazy. I particularly loved the exit called “No Name.” We stayed in some really sketch cabin in Basalt where I was sure that I would be murdered in my sleep. Thank god that we moved down into Aspen last night- no more Radio Flyers, dumpsters, and pit bulls to dispose of my remains.

Anyway, enough rambling- the weather is gorgeous here in Aspen, now I’m just waiting for tomorrow to come so I can pick up my credentials and start working. I’m a restless girl and the past few days have been too restful! I’m really not a photographer… at all, but I’ll post a couple from some random places I’ve seen so far.

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