Trick Tip Tuesday: Stefan Thomas, 360 in the Halfpipe

Trick Tip Tuesday: Stefan Thomas, 360 in the Halfpipe

As seen in the January 2008 Issue of Freeskier Magazine

Welcome to this installment of Trick Tip Tuesdays. Here, we’ll revisit our vast archive of trick tips from the past, to get you in fighting shape for summer camp. In this trick tip from years past, Stefan Thomas shows you how to do a 360 in the halfpipe, and how to do it stylishly.

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Step 1:
There are only a couple of things you need to know before trying this trick. Basic halfpipe riding skills are an obvious prerequisite. The more comfortable you are with riding transition, the more speed you can carry to air out. You should know how to do 180s and straight airs with good pop. If you are super comfortable with these fundamentals, you’ll have what is necessary to do a 360 in the pipe.

Step 2:
After you drop in, keep your knees bent on your approach to the wall. Be ready for the transition and stay balanced as you ride up the wall. The more speed you carry into the transition, the harsher the compression will be, so be ready.

Step 3:
When you pop, set like you are doing a straight air, only keep your body more compact. With a smaller body profile it should look cleaner and more stylish. You will have much more control over the trick and your body position.

Step 4:
When you grab, it may speed up your rotation. By the same reasoning, you can poke out the grab and it should slow down your rotation. Just before you touch down, let the grab go and muscle around the last 90 degrees to land switch. Take notice of your skis when you come down, as you don’t want your tips to be crossed. Landing with your tips crossed is the gnarliest thing you can do in this situation.

Step 5:
When you land, keep your knees bent and your weight a little forward of center so you can pump transition and maintain speed. Make sure your feet are staggered the opposite way of your takeoff, which means your left leg will be further back than your right leg.

Location: Squaw Valley, CA :: Photo: Jay Michelfelder

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