Trick Tip Tuesday: Craig Coker

Trick Tip Tuesday: Craig Coker

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As seen in the October 2008 Issue of Freeskier Magazine

Welcome to the third installment of Trick Tip Tuesdays. Here we'll revisit our vast archive of trick tips from the past, to get you in fighting shape for summer camp. Here we go way back to Craig Coker and his zero spinning antics of old.

Ed. Note: When the zero spin is executed properly, your head will explode into a brilliant ball of white light halfway through the trick, only to re-materialize moments later in a fashion not unlike Captain Kirk returning to the Enterprise through the transporter beam. (Note frame six of this sequence.) Well done, Craig.

Step 1:
Prior to attempting this, you should be super comfortable riding switch. That is definitely the most important part since you are going switch the entire time. Once you are comfortable with that, you'll need to know how to hit a jump switch… get some switch 180s and stuff dialed. Usually I stall out my switch 180s so I stay backwards for a while, then turn 180 at the last second so that I feel what it's like to be backwards in the air for a while.
Step 2:
Ski into the jump switch, and be comfortable. The trick is super laid back; you're not doing anything crazy, you're not spinning, it's just mellow.
Step 3:
Once you hit the lip, you don't really need to pop, as it's super tough. You will basically be riding off the lip, keeping a super centered stance, not too far back, not too far forward. And right at take off, sort of look back at your tips so you don't spin your body.
Step 4:
When you're in the air, the easiest way to keep going straight backwards is to keep looking forward. It is like you're just along for the ride. The easiest grab to get is a safety, so once you've done a couple zeros, try and reach down with your hand and grab. Then once you get really steezy, you can add a shifty in there. I like shifties.
Step 5:
You'll be able to see the deck and the landing below you. The main thing is just to feel where you're at. As you put down the landing gear, hopefully you're staying pretty compact and ready for the impact of the landing. All that's left is to set down and ride away.


l: Bear Mountain, California :: p: Jay Michelfelder


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