Torin Yater-Wallace & Maddie Bowman Win Dew Tour Superpipe

Torin Yater-Wallace & Maddie Bowman Win Dew Tour Superpipe


Torin Yater-Wallace. p: Dan Brown

Killington, Vermont awoke this morning to cloudy skies but thankfully, no wind during the start of the 3rd day of the Killington stop of the Winter Dew Tour. With the absence of those pesky winds that shut down the slopestyle out of safety concerns yesterday afternoon, the guys were finally able to take the course for the Men's Slopestyle Semi-Finals. 32 skiers battled it out on a course draped in fresh snow which presented it's own challenges as the additional dusting slowed the pace of the skiers. But with little to no wind, no one was willing to look the proverbial gift horse in the proverbial mouth and the contest began in earnest. The men took full advantage of the unique course, painting their own style on this East Coast palette but those who could rise above remedial art would move on to tomorrow's finals. Those taking the top spots were Bobby Brown in first, Dane Tudor in second and Russ Henshaw in third. As Brown said about the conditions, " I was kind of bummed out cause yesterday I was feeling it, but it's all good; today was a lot safer, the wind died down and it was just a little snowy." Brown's run would include a 270 on, 360 switch up, 270 out, rodeo 4 on the up rail into a switch misty 9, right dub 10 and finished with a left dub 10.

After the men wrapped up, it was the ladies chance to show their stuff. It is important to note that this is the first time that the women have been included in the competition for the Dew Cup and it's well deserved as the ladies really brought their a-game to bare, proving that they've got what it takes to throw down. Earning the tops spots in today's Women's Semi-finals were Kaya Turski in first, Emilia Wint in second and Devin Logan in third.


Men's Podium (l-r): Tai Barrymore, Torin Yater-Wallace, Tucker Perkins. p: Dan Brown

With the slopestyle events concluding, it was time to move on to the halfpipe for the first free ski finals of the weekend with Women & Men's Superpipe Finals taking place under the lights and in front of a packed venue. The ladies were the first to drop in and right from the go, they elicited cheers from the crowd. Continuing the trend from yesterday's semi-finals, the women pushed the standard heights to new levels. In the end, it'd be Brita Sigourney and Devin Logan taking 3rd and 2nd respectively and welcoming top spot newcomer Maddie Bowman in first. Bowman was all smiles as she took in the first big win of her career. "It feels great, it was my first win at a big competition. It's sinking in and it's really nice cause I worked hard," said Bowman amid the crowd of media vying for her attention in the finish corral. Bowman would turn on the intensity as she had to go for broke after a crash in the first run. She was able to cement her podium finish with a solid run that included a left 900, left 5, right 5, left 7.

Up next, the guys would conclude the night with Men's Superpipe Finals. After yesterday's icy pipe that shook up the ranks, it was the previous evening's snow that would cause the trouble this evening. With the pipe's condition playing an issue, those who had the skill to put a solid run under their feet would take the podium.


Local boy Tucker Perkins would comment on the conditions, saying "Pipe was tough tonight, it wasn't like last night. It was snowy and bumpy in there and had to change up the game plan a bit." Perkins, would go on to claim the 3rd spot, followed by Tai Barremore in 2nd, a newcomer to finals at Dew Tour. "I wasn't nervous, I was really focused.  I just really wanted to put my run down as clean as possible; like I knew I could."

Barremore would switch up his run, moving his doubles around the pipe to compensate. It included a left 900, right 900, left cork 5, left dub alleyoop flat 900, to finish with a left 1080.  Even with the remarkable run, Barremore couldn't oust youngster Torin Yater Wallace from his first place perch that he secured in his first run. The Aspen local would dominate tonight from the start. Wallace would also change up his run accordingly, including a huge dub 12, into a dub flair, changing out the switch 7 to a switch 900. It's actually not a trick I've ever done before, I just had it in my head, did it on the 2nd run and I landed it…luckily," said Wallace.


Women's podium (l-r): Devin Logan, Maddie Bowman, Brita Sigourney. p: Dan Brown

The Killington stop concludes tomorrow with Men and Women's Slopestyle finals before heading to Snowbasin for the Dew Tour Championships.

Men's Final Results Women's Final Results
1_ Torin Yater-Wallace – 93.75
2_ Tai Barrymore – 88.50
3_ Tucker Perkins – 85.75
4_ Justin Dorey – 83.00
5_ Kevin Rolland – 80.50
6_ David Wise – 78.75
7_ Joss Christensen – 77.38
8_ Duncan Adams – 76.75
9_ Taylor Seaton – 76.50
10_ Gus Kenworthy – 76.00
11_ Noah Bowman – 73.25
12_ Xavier Bertoni – 46.25
1_ Maddie Bowman – 87.50
2_ Devin Logan – 86.00
3_ Brita Sigourney – 85.00
4_ Annalisa Drew – 75.25
5_ Anais Caradeux – 73.25
6_ Ayana Onozuka – 72.75


Justin Dorey. p: Dan Brown


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