Top 10 reasons to join Silverton Mountain’s ultimate lady shred-a-thon

Top 10 reasons to join Silverton Mountain’s ultimate lady shred-a-thon

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Silverton is the ultimate ski town. At least when it comes to appalling male-to-female ratios. It’s a desert island for single dudes but a one-stop-shop for the ladies; it’s known for being the venue of choice for mountain men looking to bro down with their own kind. It’s not exactly the friendliest environment for those not interested in proving how big their balls are, if you catch my drift. Thankfully, Silverton co-founder Jen Brill had the foresight to start importing women to ski and ride with her each spring, and the ultimate lady shred event was born. Last weekend’s annual meet up–Silverton Sisters Weekend–drew 80 women who took over the mountain for two days, and for a change no one cared who had the biggest cajones.

For those who missed out, here are 10 reasons to pencil this into your calendar for 2017:

1. Ski with a legend

Sisters Weekend comes with a token guest speaker, ranging from pro athletes like Grete Eliassen to Emily Coombs, wife and adventure partner of the late Doug Coombs. Get inspired, share stories and watch the local bros eat humble pie when Grete shows them how to really ski Silverton.

Photo by Crystal Sagan @tomgirlphoto

Grete Eliassen layin’ one down. Photo by Crystal Sagan @tomgirlphoto

2. Learn about the male anatomy

In a poor attempt at initiating spring mating rituals, male skiers at Silverton ditch everything from outerwear to undies and parade themselves at breakneck speeds under the lift. Because after all, skiing naked in front of a bunch of women when it’s cold is a great way to show off the size of your, uh, gear.

3. Get out of your comfort zone, comfortably

For the majority of girls, skiing with (mostly) agro dudes is a love-hate relationship. Hucking your meat off a cliff because you’ve been peer pressured into it is not exactly our idea of a good learning curve, but ski town ratios have traditionally left women with no other option than to shred with the boys. The lady shred in a place like Silverton–where pucker factor is a real thing–becomes a wholly new experience, and pushing yourself becomes a positive (and enjoyable) reality, even if you do decide to huck your meat.

4. Access to ladies-only pow stashes

Yes, this really is a thing. Host and co-founder of Silverton Mountain, Jen Brill, loves the lady shred only second to making pow turns. So it’s only fitting that she would set aside a pow stash to share exclusively with the ladies-only afternoon shred session. Sorry, not sorry, hombres.

5. Parking lot dance parties

The perfect warm-up for skiing big lines is having a dance party at the base of the lift. Whip, nae nae, work it out and get ready for your afternoon adventure down the Chick Flick chute. These kinds of warm-ups just don’t happen without the lady posse in town.

6. Swag bags on fleek

Free stuff is cool… free stuff you’d actually want is even cooler. Silverton and its partner brands go out of their way to stock swag bags full of goodies. Beanies, t-shirts, snacks, free drink tickets—count me in.

7. Olfactory non-offense

Hopping on the Silverton Mountain Correctional Facilities bus (which shuttles skiers and riders from the ski runs’ end back to the base of the lift) when it’s full of dudes who have just hiked for an hour to get to their line means there’s a good chance you’ll loose your appetite from body odor overload. As a friendly PSA and reminder, (most) women don’t produce offensive body odors, which means we make much better companions in close quarters.

8. No yellow snow on the bootpack

It seems that when guys gotta go, they stop mid stride (maybe they aren’t even stopping?) and just let it flow. That means you’re left trudging through some bro’s stank nasty pee en route to Rope Dee Ramp. Thankfully, ladies are well educated and have refined manners, so you won’t find them popping a squat in the middle of the bootpack, and that’s a win for all.

Photo by Crystal Sagan @tomgirlphoto

No yellow snow on the bootpack. Photo by Crystal Sagan @tomgirlphoto

9. No shirt, no problem

The mountains can be borderline hot in the springtime, and skiing without a shirt on can just be more comfortable. Aprés-ing without a shirt is better, too, and we’re pretty sure no gal has ever been denied service at the bar for being halfway to no shirt, no shoes, no service.

10. Match made in heaven: Onesies and beer

As if the 80-deep lady shred wasn’t enough of a reason to participate, Silverton tacks on the annual Brewski Festival to the end of Sisters Weekend. Women who signed up for Sisters get free entry and a reusable glass to the local beer festival held at the base of the mountain, and there’s a reward for best onesie. You had me at “hello.”

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