The top 10 “Do’s and Don’ts” of Après Ski

The top 10 “Do’s and Don’ts” of Après Ski

In the mountains, après is just as much a sport as skiing. No, you don’t need to take your boots off. Yes, join strangers for a shot-ski of the worst whiskey on the shelf. Of course, exaggerate the cliff story. And a last minute entry into pond skimming is always a great idea. When you’re looking to let loose at 10,000 feet, FREESKIER and Ski.com are your source to find the exact flights, accommodations and ski-town bars that will satisfy even the rowdiest bunch.

To get the party started, we’re offering the chance to win three badass ski trips to Aspen Snowmass, Breckenridge and Whistler Blackcomb. Three winners, one to each location, will receive 3-days/4-nights at each world-class destination. You can enter the contest right here. Now, remind yourself of the freedom that comes with sipping back a cold one after a long day on the slopes. Below you’ll find our top “10 do’s and don’ts” that’ll be sure to keep everyone gleaming during the happiest hour of all.

10. Don’t think it’s too early to start.

When the time comes for that first libation, there’s no need check the time—you’ll know.

9. Do purchase the first round of shots.

Your friends will think highly of you, and it’ll be the only round anyone remembers.

8. Don’t take your ski boots off until after last call.

It’s just standard practice.

7. Do substitute a shower with a dunk in the hot tub.

Speedos encouraged.

6. Don’t leave your friends hanging on a shot ski.

Never pass up the opportunity to tilt one back.

5. Do take advantage of happy hour discounts.

“I’ll have a bucketload of Coronas, please.”

4. Don’t misplace your ski equipment.

And definitely don’t take someone else’s gear.

3. Do dance like no one’s watching.

This is your time to shine—make it count. Bar tops double as great dancefloors.

2. Don’t brag about your day.

Sick, bro. Did you get the shot?

1. Do enjoy the moment.

Après is wherever your friends are.

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