Tom Wallisch speaks on move to Shred Optics and Slytech Protection

Tom Wallisch speaks on move to Shred Optics and Slytech Protection

Earlier this month, Tom Wallisch announced his signing with Shred Optics and Slytech Protection. Following a season plagued by injury, Wallisch has been down in Australia honing his skills for the upcoming winter in the Perisher terrain park. Following his new signing, we caught up with the man to talk about his new deal, his knee and what we can expect from the pretzel master moving forward.

How’s your summer been? I’ve seen plenty of rad boating Instas.

[Laughs] Yes, I’ve been out on the boat a ton this summer, it’s great “rehab.” This has been the longest break I’ve had off snow since I was in high school and it has been refreshing. I’ve been boating, biking, camping and just really getting out and enjoying the summer. Although I do love summer and summer activities, I’m definitely super excited to get back on snow.

What first drew you to Shred/Slytech?

What first drew me to the company was Ted Ligety. We talked a lot throughout the summer while I was in Park City rehabbing from my ACL surgery. Ted’s a co-founder of the company and extremely passionate about the product and their team. He got me interested and it went from there.

In your mind, what separates Shred/Slytech from other brands in the industry?

For me what separated Shred from other brands was the athlete involvement in the company. I was able to see firsthand the amount of input Ted and other athletes had in everything from design to color choices. Having gear that incorporates great technology and also looks good is all any skier wants. What separates Slytech from other brands is simply the gear itself. The company is all about not making compromises when it comes to athlete comfort and safety.

How does the brand align with your personal goals and motivations?

The brand aligns perfectly with my personal goals. I want to work on and design awesome products with a company that is excited about me as an athlete and person. I’ve got a lot of plans left for my ski career and I’m excited to have companies like Shred and Slytech there to support me and all my future endeavors.

On the Shred side, what are your favorite products/which ones will you be sporting?

I’ll probably be sporting a lot of stuff from the line, but definitely really excited about the Stupefy frame style. The Stupefy goggle has the most visibility of any goggle I’ve ever tried on; perfect for spotting landings and stomping. The Monocle and Smartefy frame are super clean cut and comfortable, as well. I absolutely love all the color and lens options, whether you want something bright and exciting or something just straight black, you can really get it all. I’ll be sporting the Slam-Cap helmet to keep things safe, and the Belushki shades for spring shredding, biking, boating or whatever else comes along. I’m excited to have a ton of great gear to choose from for any day I’m out and about.

What about Slytech?

I’m excited to have access to the highest quality protective gear. Whether I’m shredding some gnarly lines in the backcountry or sliding a crazy handrail, having solid protection to take a hit and keep on shredding is pretty great.

How is the knee holding up?

My knee is holding up great. I’ve been working hard all summer to rehab as best I can. It hasn’t been fun, but definitely feels like it has paid off. My knee feels sturdy and I’m feeling confident.

I’ve heard something is in the works with you, Kyle Decker and AJ Dakoulas. Can you spare any details about the project?

Ah! I can’t really spare any details now. But I can say that something is in the works to follow up the success of The Wallisch Project. It’s going to be bigger and better with more filmers and skiers involved, watch out.

Any specific goals for this season?

I just want to get back skiing as much as possible. I plan on putting a ton of focus and work into my newest film project. I also want to get back into competitions as soon as I feel confident and able to go out and compete at the highest level.

How will you rebound from the injury-plagued 2013-14 campaign?

Hopefully with an awesome injury-free, fun-filled 2014-15 campaign. Even though I was injured all season, last year was still one of the most fun years yet. I got to be a part of some crazy contests and watch all my friends go out and ski in one of the biggest events in sports. Because of my injury I was forced to spend most of the season landing switch, so I just can’t wait to stomp out some forward landings again. [Laughs]

Any chance you’ve figured out a ski sponsor for this winter?

You’ll have to wait to find out. [Laughs]

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