TJ Schiller Gets The Shot at Squaw Valley

TJ Schiller Gets The Shot at Squaw Valley

After a week beset by delays and stoppages, TJ Schiller, Freeskier and staff photographer Nate Abbott were ready to get work done on fateful afternoon in Squaw Valley, CA. After a day spent lounging in the sun and slaying the public park with the Monster Energy ski team, it was time to put our noses to the grindstone, with the aforementioned shooting on a Tom Richard’s feature in the heart of Tahoe.

With a massive channel cut between two massive mounds of snow, a giant wedge to launch off of and the light getting more and more epic, the mission was clear: to shoot a dynamic shot of TJ showing all the style that he’s been known for. An active, energetic and beautiful photo to cap off the spring season.

After days of pushing, building, shaping, refining and salting this snow beast, Squaw’s job was done and it was up to TJ Schiller who put forth an effort nothing short of monumental. Hit after hit, TJ rodeo-ed the jupm; this grab, that grab, 540, 720, 900… and so on and so forth. When TJ needed some help, Luke Van Valin, Corey Vanular, Peter Olenick and Jossi Wells stepped up to drop in. But in the end, the afternoon belonged to young Schiller.

As the light faded from a full beacon to dwindling sparkle TJ kept airing and Nate Abbott’s strobes kept firing. It was a clinic in work ethic and productivity. As the session went on the Monster team — rather than be passive bystanders — got involved, cheering and rooting TJ on as he continually lapped. the cheers echoed off the mountains around as the session finally came to a close. A solemn and empty ski to the base village at Squaw, capped off with sushi. Not a bad way to end the day in Squaw.

The shots are scheduled to run throughout Volume 13 of Freeskier Magazine, which will hit newsstands this fall. Pick up a copy to witness TJ and Nate’s handiwork.

A behind-the-scenes video will be done shortly for your viewing pleasure. Keep checking back. A big thanks goes out to Squaw Valley Resort, Tom Richards (and his park staff), Monster Energy, Nate Abbott, and Jake Strassman.

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