tis the season for skiizin

tis the season for skiizin

heyy im becks.. i started skiing when i was two at mad river glen, vt and since then it has become my passion, addiction, obsession. i moved out to salt lake after high school then up to bozeman montana in search for big mountains and deep snow. every bone in my body wakes up, eats, sleeps, and craves skiing, and it is what i am dedicating my life to. ive spent the past two years traveling and filming with lipstick films, a tele film company out of salt lake, and enjoy every day shooting shredding and hanging with the lipstick family. this year i want to take it to a new level. i am taking time off from school (happens pretty regularly) to travel, find the steep and deep, and enter any big mountain, park, or other comps i can, tele and alpine (wouldnt you like to see langes on my feet?). my life goal (hopefully in the next few years) is to be the next lady of skiing. this is where i need your help! i would love if you/lange/freeskier picked me so you could help start and watch my journey to try and become the next ingrid. really not kidding..
ive never known anything else i really want to do and see myself doing with my life except be a pro skier. since about middle school endless people have told me i could be a model, then after growing to 6ft+ they told me i could be a supermodel. intriguing, but since i havent found anywhere that lets you become that while skiing everyday, im sticking to where i can ski everyday. the only other idea ive played around with seriously is to be a rep for ski companies. hmm.. then lange girl comp pops up and it seems to be the perfect mesh and perfect way in to my dream world.. so, ima keep dreaming and hopefully enough people support it that it works out!

i would love to be the next lange girl to be a face of skiing and represent what i live and love. i think girls should definitely have a more prominent part in skiing, but i dont believe in credit given just cuz you have blonde pigtails but cant shred. i ski every day possible, whether a pow day gettin face shots & droppin cliffs or a bluebird day in the park with the boys. its hard to tell online if this is a beauty pageant or about shreddin hard, but i guarantee if you pick me i wont let you down in either way. i want to show that there are girls who can rip just as hard and hang with the boys, and of course part of being a lange girl, while making it look dang good.

thanks to my dad i was immersed into the ski industry at a young age and have experienced more sides of it than a lot of people. ive grown up working in ski shops and knowing reps for many ski and outdoor companies and decided as a teenager thats what i wanted to do. this is an advantage because being a sponsored skier is also about repping.. a product and a lifestyle. thanks to skiing i live life a little different and love life a little more than others, and i want to share this with the world. that being said.. please vote me as the next lange girl and well see where i can go from there.. you wont be disappointed.

i live skiing.let me join you.
see ya wherever the snows fallin..

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