Thursday’s Creative Callout: Jon McMurray of Loose Canon Playaz

Thursday’s Creative Callout: Jon McMurray of Loose Canon Playaz

Jon McMurray: once a household name in skiing thanks to his L1P and MSP segments, dropped off the radar after a season-ending back break. Known best for his crazy antics — like backflipping off rails, backflipping onto rails, backflipping between rails, jumping off buildings into trees and making movies with boobs flying as much as skiers — McMurray had a secret love that was just waiting to bubble to the surface. That love was rap/hip hop.

Now on the brink of releasing his first official album with his crew, Loose Canon Playaz, Jon is ready to get back into the limelight. Here, he fills us in on Warren G, crackheads trying to be president, mom vaginas and ski stunts.

Freeskier: When did you first start rapping? Was it always something you were into while you were skiing?

McMurray: I’ve been into hip hop and punk rock since a little kid so music’s always been a part of my life. But I didn’t actually mess with the idea of being a rapper till high school.

At what point did you decide that you were no longer going to pursue skiing as a career and instead focus on your music?

The summer we made the Loose Canon movie, Without A Cause, was when I knew in my heart I wanted to be a rapper more than a skier. I broke my back first contest of the year in Colorado shortly after the film’s release and took it as a blessing from God to make the career switch. I took my endorsement money and moved to Los Angeles the next day to start studying the music industry more indepthly. I didn’t even do my MSP segment that year. I literally said, “Fuck it all.” It really pissed my sponsors off. [laughs]

My thinking was: If I can manifest a pro athlete dream to reality I can do it again with music. The problem was when I started rapping I really sucked! I mean like picture a crackhead trying to run for president… he’s got a lot of shit to figure out first, ya dig? [laughs] I think I was a little overly optimistic on how long it would take to make a career out of it. I only now feel ready to take this shit pro. But I wouldn’t change a thing, I went through a lot of fucked up shit that taught me a lot and made me who I am today.

When did LCP release its first album? How many albums do you have to date?

We’ve released five different promo CDs but none we consider official albums. You can download a bunch of shit for free on the top right corner of our website (www.loosecanonplayaz.com).

Our next CD, set for an August release, is gonna be our first official album where we have all the legal paper work in order to make it an official release. It’s called Should’a Worn A Rubber. Though it’s filled with a variety of styles from club bangers to deep life songs, the title track is nothing but pure sexually fueled comedy. We’re also touring for the album and will be leaving for Europe on August 1st.

What are some of your favorite hip hop groups or artists?

Probably the most influential to me as an artist would have to be Joe Budden, 2pac & Eminem. I love the raw intense passion they put into their work and the trueness of what they say. I think a very important element to being a rapper is just being yourself and giving it your all and I really feel those emcees do so. DMX is another favorite.

What’s your favorite part about making music?

I feel like time stops when I’m making music. To explain it to all the riders out there, the best similarity to pouring your heart into a song would be finally stomping a sick trick you’ve been working towards for so long. It’s literally a timeless feeling. It’s when u feel the most alive!

Do you still get out there and shred? When are we going to see a Jon McMurray come back?

Man I miss the extreme sports world no doubt. I do a lil’ coaching so I’m still around but I’m married to my music now. Though every once in a while I come out and do some stunt just to let peeps know I ain’t dead yet. [laughs]

As per the comeback: Steve Winter [from Matchstick Productions] and I were talking about doing some stunt/ski/fucked up unique flavored McFee MSP segment last season, but having no more endorsements on my end to help fund the project made it too difficult. Though I have some pre-meditated stunts ready to go for when I make it as a rapper and have some budget to fuck with.

Any shout outs?

I’d like to shout out the moms of the people who doubt me and their vaginas. Shout out to my whole Loose Canon family. Josh Berman for helping me get my start. Steve Winter and the MSP boyz. Riley Poor. DeCesare and the PBP boyz. Tanner Hall. Bushy & Sarah. Matt Harvey himself. Cusson for being a bad motherfucker and inspiring me at such a young age. My late friend and legend CR Johnson. And most importantly, anyone out there treating this world with love… I love you all!

Check out some of LCP and Jon McMurray aka McFee’s Work

*WARNING: These tracks/videos are not necessarily safe for work. Or school.

LCP LIVE with Warren G:

Loose Canon Playaz – The Takeover:

McFee – BURN

Be sure to check out LCP’s official website for more tracks, videos, pictures and tour info.

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