Thursday’s Creative Callout: Icelantic Skis

Thursday’s Creative Callout: Icelantic Skis

Icelantic Skis has amassed a following surrounding not only their skis but also their art. From the art hanging on their gallery wall to the art on their skis Icelantic has combined two of their favorite passions to create a unique brand.

Located in Denver, CO, Icelantic uses its offices as an art gallery and gives people a chance to interact with their company. Also, every first Friday of the month Icelantic opens their doors to the community and participates in the Santa Fe Art Districts, First Friday Art Walk. Icelantic Founder Ben Anderson sat down with us and gave us some more insight into how Icelantic sees art and skiing working together.

FS: How does Icelantic see skiing and art working together?
BA: It is part of our philosophy here to combine both art and skiing. When people look at our skis we want them to be looking at more than just the ski. We try to tell a story though the art on our skis and make it something unique. The graphics on our skis are more than just digital images and pixels but instead fine art.

Also, as our company has evolved so has our art. From our first ski to our new line it tells the story of our company.

FS: Who does the art for your skis?
BA: Travis Parr is our artist and has been with us since the beginning. Every year he creates a “theme” for us and we run with it. He’s an accomplished artist and always has unique and original ideas.

FS: Along with having a store front in Denver, the Icelantic store also doubles as an art gallery. What lead to this?
BA: We used to be located in Evergreen, CO, but knew we wanted to move down to the city. When we got to Denver and into the Santa Fe Art District it became a place where we could showcase our products and art. It was a unique way to get brand awareness.

Also, it is cool when people come into our shop whether it is for our skis or the art. When we showcase different artist sometimes the people who come in to see the art don’t even know we are a ski company and vice versa.

FS: Who is the highlighted artist this month?
BA: This month it is our own Travis Parr. He has a new collection so we are showcasing that this month.

FS: Besides the gallery, does Icelantic incorporate art in any other way?
BA: Of course. Not only do we sell the skis but we also sell the actual prints of the top sheets. This way the art on your ski can hang on your wall as well.

Along with selling art prints, this season we came up with the idea to make a display holder for your skis too. So when the season is over you can hang up your skis and put them right next to the original art piece. A way of combing both the ski and original art.

FS: We understand every first Friday of the month the gallery has somewhat of a open house. What is this all about?
BA: Yea, every first friday of each month the Santa Fe Art District puts on a First Friday Art Walk. We open our doors and allow people to come in, check out our art and hang out. This Friday along with showing our gallery we are having a fundraiser for Miss Colorado as well. We will have belly-dancers and other things going on, plus you can check out the skis. Make sure to stop by.

For more information on Icelantic check out www.icelanticboards.com.

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