Things I’ve Learned: Griffin Post

Things I’ve Learned: Griffin Post

Griffin Post, 28, of Jackson Hole, is that new guy huckin' 80-foot-plus cliffs in TGR's One for the Road. Normally on the quiet side, Post opens up about his special pick-up lines and his dream hot tub scenario.

My favorite competitor is Drew Tabke because he treats everyday like a different adventure.

The most embarrassed I've ever been was when I was telling a story about someone missing an appendage to someone that, I realized mid story, was also missing an appendage.

Powder makes me happy.


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My family is the reason that I ski. I like to joke with them that if they ever question my lifestyle, they only have themselves to blame.

My favorite pick up line is I like challenging people to howling contests.

The best FreeskiingWT party is any party when Keith Carlsen is in attendance.

I'd rather see the two FWTs get together and make one true world tour, instead of competing with each other.

I chose skiing over just about everything.


My favorite aspect of my life is the adventure. There’s so much to do.

Team trips are the best. I’m fortunate to have people that are truly into what they do. 

Filming is rewarding in a completely different way than competing.

When I win I am awesome to be around.

When I don't win I am pretty sure I’m not that awesome to be around.

When I crash in contests I’m pissed, in filming I get strangely motivated.

I've scared myself when I commit too much to competition lines and have gotten in over my head. Looking back on some of the sketchy things I’ve done, now I’m like, “what was I thinking?”

I hate Dave Matthews Band, passionately. 

I worship well, worship is a pretty strong word. I’d say I admire guys like Travis Rice, Laird Hamilton and John Stewart; guys that are not only really good at what they do, but have changed the way the world looks at what they do.

I listen to a lot of older punk and country.

I love my home mountain because it’s Jackson: there’s a tram, the gates are always open and it snows a lot.

500_use.jpgI grew up being really competitive, and forget about that side of me until I lose at something.

I dread that competitive big mountain skiing is going to turn into racing. Some of the younger kids take everything so seriously. Sure, on game day I take it as serious as anyone, but I lack the jock mentality that I think is starting to emerge.

I anticipate an influx of twitter followers after this article is published (@griffpost).

My favorite ski buddy is Todd Ligare because he charges and is super motivated.

My rituals include wearing non-matching ski socks, for luck, you know?

My post-skiing beverage of choice is a warm glass of milk? Beer. What else would it be?

I am jealous of people that can chill out for days on end, I get so antsy.

I'd like to end up in a hot tub with a balanced PH level and a temperature of 104.


Sponsors: Kastle Skis, The North Face, Smith Goggles and Helmets, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Hestra Gloves, Garmont Boots, and Ortovox.

Results: 1st 2010 U.S. Extreme Skiing Championships; Crested Butte, CO, 2nd 2010 Freeskiing World Tour Overall, 1st 2008 Telluride Freeskiing Open; Telluride, CO, 1st 2007 Jackson Hole Freeskiing Open; Jackson Hole, WY, 1st 2006 U.S. Extreme Skiing Championships; Crested Butte, CO

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