The Wyman Hotel is the place to stay in Silverton

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The Wyman Hotel is the place to stay in Silverton

Silverton, Colorado, is a rugged locale, to say the least, a place seemingly immune to the large-scale renovations, resort development and influx of bougie, upper-class vacationers permeating mountain towns. But The Wyman Hotel, the town’s newest, hippest accommodation, is bringing a newfound energy to the otherwise unaffected mountain escape, a fresh take on mountain town digs and the perfect place to stay and play amongst some of the most stunning mountains in Colorado.

Big-mountain backcountry skiers covet Silverton, in winter, for its access to gnarly, heart-pounding lines and a pseudo-European vibe that promotes free exploration of its peaks. If you can ski it safely—and make it home at the end of the day—the mountains are exempt from the usual inbounds-out of bounds rules found at many North American resorts. Silverton is pure skiing mixed with true adventure. But Main Street is unadorned; its charm is that it’s caught in the past.

Despite recent renovations to the longstanding Avon Hotel and Grand Imperial Hotel, these places are still “historic” in their flavor. The Wyman Hotel offers something new, a boutique gathering place for skiers who want a place to meet like-minded adventurers and rest their heads comfortably after a “best day ever” finding untouched lines in the San Juan Range.

After staying there for a full week this summer, I was in awe: It’s a place that could be a transplant in New York City’s sought-after, fashionable Williamsburg but it’s locked in the mountains of Colorado, a juxtaposition worth experiencing. Its owners Shane Fuhrman and Haley Morgan have fine-tuned the place to be comfortable and inviting, straying from the standard mountain town vibe while instilling a touch of modernity to the usually “rough around the edges” Silverton experience.

Constructed in 1902, the building has seen its share of owners but its roots are set deeply as a gathering place for the Silverton community; the building hosted nightly soirées on its second floor, in its ballroom adjacent to the lobby and office space for local businesses and mining companies. Now, the historic building is, once again, a worthy place for after-ski drinks and merry-making. With 15 rooms, each uniquely designed, it’s a small operation that’s chock-full of urban styling and character, shelves stocked with classic books and a fully operational bar offering damn good cocktails.

As a skier, you may be thinking: This place sounds “out of my league,” like some kinda up-sell, fancy hotel. But that’s not the case. The owners are skiers, too. Gear storage and ski lockers are included with every stay. And The Wyman Hotel offers suites and bunk rooms for up to four (or five) guests that, when the cost is split with friends, rounds out about $100 per person, per night. For skiers on an even tighter budget, more affordable hostel-style accommodations with shared bathrooms are currently in the works and are scheduled to be completed come winter 2020-21.

The Wyman Hotel is mountain town lodging with a new wave flare, and it’s a welcome addition to Silverton’s otherwise drab accommodations. Providing access to Silverton’s amazing high-alpine terrain with ease, its location on Greene Street is just six miles down the road is the town’s namesake resort and, in the months surrounding winter, is ideally located for day hikes, mountain bike rides and rock climbs.

Looking ahead, there are talks of partnering with the mountain and revitalizing the old Wyman trolley car to shuttle skiers to the mountain—a win-win for skiers who want to enjoy a customary beers at the base of Silverton Mountain and get home safely. Moreover, Fuhrman and Morgan want to make this the place for outdoor industry insiders to call home while in Silverton, it’s lobby acting as communal space for folks to recount adventures in the mountains and create relationships with other visitors.

If escaping to Silverton is on the docket this winter, experiencing its big-mountain terrain shouldn’t mean sacrificing a comfortable place to stay. The Wyman Hotel is redefining mountain town lodging and bringing a sense of community back to Silverton. When you get to your room, open the window, feel the high-mountain breeze and gaze up at the San Juans. Adventure is right around the corner.

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