[The Gear Closet] A closer look at K2’s 2022-23 Mindbender Ti collection

[The Gear Closet] A closer look at K2’s 2022-23 Mindbender Ti collection

K2 has been a stalwart in the freeride sector of skiing since before the discipline was ever given a name. The Kirschner brothers were the first to pioneer fiberglass ski construction in the 1960s and that hunger to feed development and progression in the sport has hardly waned in the six decades since. In 2019, K2 released the first iteration of the Mindbender and, in just three years, the brand and the collection of freeride planks have only garnered more and well-deserved attention from skiers worldwide.

For 2022-23, the Mindbender collection only gets better with Torsion Control Design (TCD) to maintain the qualities strong skiers seek but also make it more approachable at the start of the turn and releases out of the turn with the consistency for the more intermediate skiers.

What’s even better? K2 is releasing the entire series today, March 1, for its loyal following to get on a pair before the 2021-22 season even ends. Packed with Titanal for a damp, stable ride at high speeds, all of the new Mindbender skis also feature K2’s Y-beam technology. These Y-shaped prongs set over the edges in the shovel of the ski provide precise, powerful turn initiation, while the narrower metal shape in the tail keeps the ski maneuverable, forgiving and easy to break free from turns. Now, let’s take a closer look at the entire 2023 Mindbender collection, which consists of three men’s and two women’s models of hard-charging planks.

Mindbender 89Ti

When new snow is in short supply, the Mindbender 89Ti shines on freshly groomed tracks and afternoon slush. It’s built with the same Titanal Y-Beam construction and all-terrain rocker profile as it’s wider siblings, but its narrower waist width makes it a slicer and dicer on those hardpack groomer days. Don’t be fooled though: These babies can still rip a few inches of fresh.

Mindbender 99Ti

The Mindbender 99Ti is a one-ski wonder for the guys who like to stick to the same ski, regardless of conditions. The most well-rounded plank in the collection, the 99Ti boasts the Titanal Y-Beam construction and all-terrain rocker profile you can find throughout the Mindbender collection but it’s middle-of-the-road waist width keeps this plank neutral for all conditions. Ripping turns on groomers? Check. Float on top of the fresh stuff? Double check.

Mindbender 108Ti

A mid-fat, 108-millimeter waist width combined with K2’s Titanal Y-Beam construction and all-terrain rocker profile makes the Mindbender 108Ti a ripping freeride ski that delivers at any speed, on any snow conditions. This ski begs to be pushed to its edge and consistently provides a stable, unflinching ride whether the day calls for chalk, chunder or a brand-new layer of fresh. Heck, huck these skis off a big cliff and you’ll find the landing gear you need to ride it out.

Mindbender 89Ti W

For the new Mindbender collection, engineers pulled from the previous women’s Mindbender design to make these skis more accessible to more skiers. So, while the topsheets are different, the design of ski is exactly the same across the board in terms of flex profile, sidecuts, mount points and rocker profiles to fit the size of the rider more accurately. The women’s 89Ti boasts all of the same design details as the men’s version, just tailored to shorter lengths. Women looking for a hard-charging, reliable ride will find solace in the new Mindbender 89Ti W.

Mindbender 99Ti W

K2’s new Mindbender 99Ti W is built for ripping women who demand consistent performance, every day, every lap, every turn. The Titanal Y-Beam construction keeps the ski stable at high speeds and the all-terrain rocker profile allows the ski to be quick and nimble, should a rock or a Jerry suddenly get in your way. The moderate 99-millimeter waist width keeps the ski maneuverable while also providing a bit of a platform to float should Ullr decide to turn the faucet on. The topsheet of these planks says it all, these babies are ready to get loud.

To check out the entire K2 Mindbender Collection and buy skis now, click here.

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