The 3rd Annual JP Auclair Memorial is going down at Whistler, Blackcomb this spring

The 3rd Annual JP Auclair Memorial is going down at Whistler, Blackcomb this spring

Photo courtesy of thejpmemorial.com

On September 29, 2014, we lost one of skiing’s greatest humans: JP Auclair. And, ever since, the winter sports community has come together in many different ways to honor the legend’s life. From amazing tribute videos to heart-felt essays, the love for JP has been and continues to be incredibly vibrant. But, perhaps the greatest example of support is The JP Memorial. a multi-day gathering of skiers highlighted by supreme positivity and fun. The event’s website says it best: “It’s not a contest, but there is a contest. It’s not a festival, but there will be music. It’s an intimate springtime event and will be comprised of some pros, some ski-industry-types and a bunch of other people who love skiing.”

This year, The JP Memorial will surely see the same fun vibe it’s seen for the past two years in Riksgränsen, Sweden, as well as a long list of radical skiers in attendance. But, at least one thing will be different: it’ll take place at Whistler, British Columbia this time around. Whistler is a place that JP always found to be special; as he explains in the video, below, it’s where a large chunk of freeskiing progress was made, while also serving as an ideal gathering spot for skiers from all over the world.

The 2017 JP Memorial will take place April 8-11 at Whistler. As the event’s site explains, “A true throwback, The JP Memorial calls for a 90s outfit, film cameras, hi-8 video, etc. We encourage all documentation to be analog. There will be certain areas and hours in which we request no mobile devices, no Instagram and more importantly that you converse with the person next to you, stranger or not.”

To learn more about the event, click here.

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