TGR World Premiere Weekend: 11th Annual Tee Off Golf Tournament

TGR World Premiere Weekend: 11th Annual Tee Off Golf Tournament

On a beautiful Friday afternoon in Jackson Hole, WY, the Teton Pines Golf Club played host to the 11th Annual TGR Tee Off Golf Tournament. The classic event that helps kick off the TGR world premiere weekend.

Pro skiers Chris Benchetler, Sammy Carlson, Ian McIntosh, Dana Flahr, Seth Morrison, Darron Rahlves, Dylan Hood, Julian Carr, Dash Long, Calium Pettit, Rachel Burkes, Matt Sterbenz, Schroder Baker and other industry mainstays stepped up to the tee and hacked away in the best ball tournament.

With perfect weather, a unbelievable backdrop — the Tetons — and well manicured course, randomly selected teams of four were put together and sent out for a shotgun start. As the tournament started everyone’s chances looked promising. Freeskier’s own Shay Williams was crushing the ball and getting Tiger like distance drives, while Julian Carr could of been mistaken for Corey Pavin after sinking transcontinental like putts. Sammy Carlson and Daron Rahlves were putting in their noses to the grindstone. Reigning ringer Shroder Baker definitely came to play, whilst Rachel Burks looked like she was having the most fun on the course.

When all was said and done, TGR’s own Steven Jones, Schoder Baker, Atomic’s Martin Stienbach and High Ball Energy’s T. Berandi came in first with a score of four under par, one stroke better than the second place finishers. Perennially, the last place team nominates their worst player for ‘Hack of the Day,’ but this year there was a playoff, between Callum Pettit and Gabe Schroeder. The young Canadian held off the Smith employee in the shotgunning competition, making Schroeder the ‘Hack of the Day,’ amidst a general uproar.

The evening was filled with plenty of beverages, a plethora of Caddyshack and Happy GIlmore quotes and an epic time. It is also safe to say that no skiers have PGA aspirations and will be sticking to what they do best.

Make sure to check in tomorrow for a recap of the Light the WIck world premiere and more pictures from Jackson Hole.

Light The Wick Trailer from Teton Gravity Research on Vimeo.

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