Texting with Josh Bibby

Texting with Josh Bibby

Freeskier: Hello Josh, do you want to do a text interview for the website?
Josh Bibby: Yeah dog, I’m down

FS: Cool. Whereabouts are you these days?
JB: Ucluelet on Vancouver island. I’m surfing and working, waiting for more snow. I’m heading back to Whistler tomorrow.

FS: Sounds fun. I hear you have an interesting living situation this year?
JB: Im sharing a room with my friend Mason this year. The room’s name is the Danger Den. We have some drums and a strobe light for jam sessions and a dart board downstairs.

FS: Sounds like a bachelor pad. Planning on some parties with the girls up in Whistler?
JB: Wouldn’t say I’m planning on it. Just stoked to have a bed this year instead of a couch or floor.

FS: Can’t beat that. What is your overall plan for this year? Just be super tan, film four segments and win everything?
JS: We just the belt sander races, so I have that out of the way. Aside from that, I just want to film and shred as much as possible in BC and do a few comps in CO.

Bibby, gettin er’ done in BC.

FS: Tell me more about the belt sander races.
JB: There was about 15 teams. We came in with our belt sander: the Tortugas Angel. Unveiled it and got a giant cheer. We proceeded to win every race by about half the track. We were untouchable, our dreams were realized while other were shattered. A few people, young and old, cheered us on to gold. We won $200 bucks to the hardware store.

FS: Very nice. Are we going to see another Bibby beard this year?
JB: Possibly. I haven’t decided yet. I’m sure I’ll get over this shaving business soon. But who knows.

FS: It’s a bit hit with the ladies.
JB: Oh, well maybe I should start now.

FS: All the girls in Boulder are wondering if you are going to grow it back.
JB: Well, they can keep wondering, I haven’t decided yet.

FS: A man of mystery. What’s your take on Boulder, it seems like you’re here quite a bit.
JB: I would say that my take on Boulder is that there are a lot of outstanding young women there.

FS: The future of America, one could say?
JB: One might say that that is a possibility.

FS: Have you been skiing yet?
JB: No and I’m pissed about that. But I will be skiing in a few days.

FS: Any chance of some old school tricks making a comeback in your segments?
JB: Well, my mom asked me to get a screamin’ seamen in there, so maybe I’ll try.

FS: Your mom knows old school tricks? Was she out there at all of young Bibby’s mogul races?
JB: Mogul comps, there aren’t races. If it was within a three-hour drive, she was there. She said she didn’t like watching me ski halfpipe though.

FS: If she skied halfpipe like you did, you’d be nervous, too.
JB: My patented shoulder check hasn’t worked out, yet.

FS: Generic question time again. Who do you think will do well in slopestyle this year?
JB: Well the Scandos are always a big threat and TJ is back this year, so I’m sure he will make an impact. But it’s kind of tough to tell, since I wasn’t in New Zealand. Dorey is going to be throwing down in the pipe though.

TJ and Bibby, eh’?

FS: Prediction on the hot trick? Please don’t say switch 1080…
JB: I think that Double cork 1260 is going to be the hot ticket.

FS: You have yours on lock then?
JB: I have to do it on snow still.

FS: Details.
JB: Yeah, but I know how to do it on a trampoline, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

FS: Anything else that is new? Anything you want to get off your chest?
JB: I can’t think of anything now so I guess I have nothing on my chest that doesn’t belong there.

FS: Just hair?
JB: Manly hair.

FS: Thanks again for doing this.

Want to know more about Bibby? Have a look at this video.

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