Team Salomon Day 8: Gettin’ our shine on.

Team Salomon Day 8: Gettin’ our shine on.

Dear Team Volkl,

I hope Harvey got out of bed today, he looked not so good, but he is a trooper, I am sure he is ok. Or maybe he was bummed that he isn’t in Teen Beat Magazine like Clarke is. I can’t really tell. I wouldn’t be too sure about your chances of winning, since we fully have the lead. And wait, who did better in the last competition? Oh yeah, Team Salomon.

I’m surprised we didn’t run into each other at the beach. Did you go to St. Thomas or Jamaica? Hibbert and WIllis both need to tan, so I’m glad we both found time to get some shine time in. I think both our teams are really close, seeing as both of our video guys were in the same hotel room watching Robert Redford movies. Oh well.

We too are excited to see who wins (well, we know we will, we are just excited you don’t have to put yourself through all this work). But you are right about Sam, he might not have hair, but only because we want to see him without eyebrows.

Take care, and remember, I know where you sleep.

Love you,

Team Salomon 2.0

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