Team Salomon Day 6: Morale is high!

Team Salomon Day 6: Morale is high!

Dear Team Volkl,

That was a nice showing in Okemo at the Fischer Super Slopestyle, I didn’t know Hibbert could still do slopestyle. We’ll also gladly concede the poker game to you, we know you could use the points. We really hope that you are getting some challenges done because you know that we are.

Here is what we’ve learned on this trip, hopefully we can pass on some useful information. Hathaway is out of the hospital, team morale is high, the northeast weather still sucks for sleeping in the car, the points are stacking up, the McDonald’s receipts are stockpiling, we finally got our shoes, I fell skiing to a rail, the cell service is worse than the weather, the internet service is worse than the cell service, Clarke loves Akon music, hot tubs can’t be beat, we moved up to 17 year olds (but you knew that), Sam hates milkshakes, cops are way nicer in New Hampshire than Maine, and snus is a life-saver.

Well, I have to go, since we are so busy with challenges lined up. We will see you in Stratton in a few days, and with any luck, Ahmet’s little physical problem has cleared up, he’s too cute to have that injury (Amanda said so).


Team Salomon

P.S. – We’ll have video soon, so stay tuned!


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