Tanner Hall Wins Again: Dew Tour Superpipe

Tanner Hall Wins Again: Dew Tour Superpipe

Tonight’s pipe contest was epic. You may even be watching it on TV as I write this, so you know how insane the level of pipe skiing has become. Although Tanner and Simon ended up in 1-2, there were a number of other people who had a solid chance at the win, especially Xavier, Riddle and Dorey. This hasn’t always been the case in years past, as it was generally a contest between the two big swingers.

As Tanner stood up top waiting to take the last run of the night, Simon was sitting in the lead. It was up to Tanner to take it down, and also take the Dew Tour Pipe Cup Title. He dropped in and threw a huge 1260 to start things off. Things were looking good as he stomped trick after trick down the pipe. He got to the bottom, and the crowd stood in silence awaiting the score. A 93.75, just enough to take the top spot. It was a night scripted by a Law & Order writer, it seemed. Drama in its finest form.

Justin Dorey ended up in 11th as he crashed on both runs, but his second run is worth some words. TWO doubles in one run. Two? Yes, two. And his first one was massive. Check the sequence in the photo gallery. Whisky flip on the first hit, and then a double back 180 on his fourth hit. Unfortunately, he couldn’t put his second one down to his feet, but if he did… things would undoubtedly stand differently right now.

Anyway, it was such a great contest, I hope you didn’t miss it on TV. This is the last big pro pipe contest of the year, and if it’s any indication, next year is going to rule.

Dew Tour Pipe Results

1. Tanner Hall
2. Simon Dumont
3. Colby West
4. Kevin Rolland
5. Xavier Bertoni
6. Matt Philippi
7. Matt Margetts
8. Tyler Peterson
9. Mike Riddle
10. John Strenio
11. Justin Dorey
12. Matt Duhamel

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